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This thread should be relatively self-explanatory, but I'll give an idea of what direction I want to take this in. Here's the original decklist:

I'm think I should add at least a third copy of Buried Alive, if not a fourth; I've yearned for additional Entombs since I cast it for the first time with this deck, but it's unfortunately out of the question, unless I happen to be able to get my hands on one by trading. I want to replace one of the fatties (Verdant Force would probably be the first to go) with Sheoldred, Whispering One. Scion of Darkness seems good too, since I wouldn't even need any of the discard/tutor-to-graveyard enablers to get him where he needs to be for the reanimation spells to work. I'd also like to replace Inkwell Leviathan with another fatty that flies, since fliers are an issue in my meta. Also, I want to replace Reanimate with a fourth Animate Dead or something. This deck is mostly if not entirely played in multiplayer where I'm not very comfortable sacrificing nearly half my starting life for a single fatty... Well, unless I want to reanimate Blazing Archon every time, and pray for no removal.

What are your thoughts on Dark Ritual? It can set up a turn-one fatty with Entomb plus Animate Dead/Exhume, or a turn-two fatty with Buried Alive, and either of the previous reanimation spells on turn two. Plus it can be discarded later in the game, when it's no longer very useful (most of the discard enablers want me to pitch more than one card), and it could even allow me to power out a mono-black fatty eventually, if the reanimation plan doesn't work out. Speaking of casting the fatties, do you think there's any merit to the idea of using a smidgen of color-fixing, such as Vivid Marsh? Obviously, I'll never be casting Blazing Archon or any other fatty with 3 non-black mana symbols, but is there any validity to the idea, applied to easier to cast creatures with only one or even two non-black mana symbols? And what about Quicksilver Amulet? It definitely seems like it could be useful.

Sorry about the short novel, I've just been mulling these possibilities over for about a week, so I have a lot of questions and ideas.
What would you like the deck to do? The Graveborn set is worth buying 4 of just to get the exhume and buried alive. They are worth more than the deck combined! Obviously your theme is reanimator, which can be hard in multi. But if you play the right amount of control, it should work out fine. I'd also not worry about flyers. You can handle those via spells. Im not the best on reanimator decks, but id be happy to lend what help I can


verdantforce pretty bad, avatar of woe as well.

inkwell is great. keep it!
dread return is unsupported, in general many of your cards have better option.

for SP you might want to go for a fast option with few lands and many discard spells+rituals

tricky. i'd probably get blue for stuff like careful study vexing sphinx looter il-kor
these cards lets you discard without costing cards. in multiplayer the speed offered by monoblack stuff like entomb is almost worthless.

multiplayer fatties

deathbringer thoctar
dragon mage needs megrim
hamletback goliath best with trample
hydra omnivore
massacre wurm
nacatl war-pride
novablast wurm
sphinx ambassador
vorinclex, voice of hunger with a 24 land deck this can make you hardcast your fatties t3-4
pestilence demon works in sp as well
living hive works in sp as well

i havent ppu too muchthought into the list or checked prices but i think theres some nice options in there

also in sp lightning greaves are good. in mp they are an absolute must. 
Iona is really a must in reanimator if you can get your hands on her.
jin-gitaxias, core augur as well in sp. Iona close to useless in mp tho, at least until final opponent is left. also neither is budget
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