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Hello all, I'm just a new player looking for some some opinions and suggestions on my vampire deck that I made for standard play. I've play tested it one or two times and it seemed to do alright but I feel that there is always room for improvement. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

Creatures: 23

x4 Stromkirk Noble
x4 Vampire Interloper
x4 Child of Night
x4 Rakish Heir
x3 Crossway Vampire
x1 Bloodline Keeper
x1 Sengir Vampire
x2 Falkenrath Marauders

Sorcery: 4

x1 Fireball
x2 Nightbird's Clutches
x1 Traitorous Blood

Instant: 9

x3 Shock
x3 Vampiric Fury
x3 Brimstone Volley

Lands: 24

x16 Mountain
x8 Swamp
I've noticed the Innistrad set is REALLY pushing the whole R/Bla Vamp thing. That being said,
some of the mechanics from New Phyrexia, particularly Infect, can add a nice flavor to the Vampire deck. Let me say I've NEVER been a fan of Vampires. Just not my thing. However, you can make a seriously sick Vampire deck mixing some of the New Phyrexia set in.[C]Caged Sun[/C] can add a nice boost to your Vamps, so throwing 2 in wouldn't hurt, though you'd want some sort of mana ramp to throw them down quickly. [C]Dark Ritual[/C] or [C]Geosurge[/C] are the first to come to mind. Some sort of defense is in order as well, just to protect yourself from Creatures. Something like [C]Dismember[/C] or [C]Marrow Shards[/C]. [C]Glistening Oil[/C] would give a good bite to your fanged friends as well:10 Poison counters, and the show is over. if you're going to give them such a nasty gift, something to pump up your creatures like [C]Howl From Beyond[/C] or artifact Equipment like [C]Lashwrithe[/C]
can make them monsters. If you want to mill their deck while sinking your figurative teeth into the competition, [C]Mindcrank[/C] is absolutely evil. Just some suggestions for you, granted you''ll have to lose a few cards from your original set-up, but that's the marvelous thing about MTG....There's no absolute deck. We can always reshape our ideas. Good luck!
Thanks! I've been meaning to look into the New Phyrexia set to see if there are any goodies worth getting haha. I'll keep these in mind.
First:  Pump up your bloodline keeper to 4, they completely take over any game you can transform  more than one of them.

Secondly: Removal either that Doom Blade, Go For The Throat, or Dismember would work. This lets your Stromkirk Noble through to get alot of those yummy +1/+1 counters.

Lastly: have a look through Gatherer for cards that fit your theme, Curse Of Stalked Prey would work well here.

Hope that helps.
NP is a really great little set to get into. At first I was very reluctant about even trying any of the boosters. I get like that with some sets,i.e, the Conflux/Shards of Alara/Alara Reborn stuff. I really didn't dig on the whole 3 color thing. If anything, I want hybrid cards to make a 5 color, 1 color deck. But anyway, yes it's definitely one you will regret not checking into.
Wow, thanks guys for all the recommendations! I'll be on the lookout for some of those cards.
Vampire Interloper isn't a good card. I have a friend running 2 R/B Vampire decks at the moment and I can say that it is probably the least desirable vampire. Because you're restricting yourself to Standard it means no Blade of the Bloodchief or Vampire Nighthawk.

Curse of Stalked Prey,  Rakish Heir and any proliferate cards is an incredibly potent combo, when applied to Falkenrath Marauders they can get very big very quickly, and force your opponent to expend creatures, letting it go through once means they will do everything to stop it getting through again.
Hmm.. I've also thought about taking out 2 Child of Night for 2 Bloodcrazed Neonate. That would maybe add a bit more speed to my deck but still not sure about it.
4 neonates should be in there for sure whether to replace the interlopers or the childs is tricky.

most of the suggestions given are moving you towards midagro. While theres some sense to this as the midagro vamps are crazy you also have the option of pushing the weenie strategy. getting the 4th vampiric fury, maybe replacing the shocks with arc trail, and replacing the vamps costing 5 or more. bloodline keeper can stay maybe even grow a lil in numbers.

if you want to really push this furor of the bitten is available but obviously risky.

nightbirds clutches doesnt do enough imo. either remove or replace with tectonic rift

finally theres an option for a monored or red/[other than black] deck since most of the vampire agro/weenie cards are  red atm.
I am not sure if you are still looking into vamps and or looking to casual play as most of what i put here may or may not be allowed in your format:

Olivia Voldaren can single handedly win a game.
Vampire Nocturnus loved by most mono black vampire players, but in R/B probably not to good
Skeletal Vampire and Butcher of malakir can combo nicely but usually wont be out unless u have serious mana ramp
Pulse Tracker very cheap
vampire hexmage only needed if opponent has a plainswalker
captivating vampire was a nice boost
gatekeeper of malakir was good for removal
Malakir Bloodwitch was generally more popular than sengir vampire
Vampiric Dragon + Basilisk Collar +Blade of the Bloodchief would be mean
Vampire's Bite was always fast cheap damage.

As i said most of these cards except Olivia Voldaren are from Zendikar back so you might not be able to use them.

Happy hunting :-) 
I am Black/Green
Zendikar and Innistrad give you some really great cards for Vampire Tribal.
How about switching Shock to Bump in the night use Devils Play instead of fireball


Digging back in the crates a bit, I found a few that might be good to throw in. [C]Bloodhusk Ritualist[/C] can help you drop the number of cards your opponent has to work with. [C]Quag Vampires[/C] can be a monster if you have the mana to pump it up. [C]Hidetsugu's Second Rite[/C] can help make quick work of your antognist, if need be. So can [C]Comet Storm[/C], whether or not you're in a multi-battle or 1-on-1. I can't suggest [C]Dark Ritual[/C] enough, and if you work it right, those DR's canhelp make those multikicking cards pop. I have never been a fan of [C]Sengir Vampire[/C], because there are so many other counter-adding or 'Proliferate' cards that are cheaper and can serve your purpose better. Another thing is, when I started playing, it was back in the 'Revised Edition' (I'm really showing my age here), and the game was all about huge casting cost creatures and long, drawn out games. Now, you can end a game by the 3rd turn, if not sooner. I try to limit the amt I spend on mana per card to 3. It helps in case I get mana blocked. 
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