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What happens in the event of playing Maggot Carrier when both you and your opponent(s) have only 1 life left? Is it just a draw; play again to see who the victor is? I guess I also want to know what happens in the event of a stalemate
Yes, if both players lose at the same time, the game ends in a draw.  In a tournament setting, the game would not count towards your best-of-three match result, and you would play another game (even if it's the third one already when you draw).  In casual, feel free to toss a coin or arm-wrestle to determine the victor, if you don't feel like plying another game of Magic, but that won't fly in a tournament
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The game ends in a draw. In a casual game, a draw has the same outcome as any other: you and your opponent banter, shake hands, and have a soda or whatever.

In a tournament, a draw is recorded as a draw, and you continue the match until the normal ending conditions are met (most often, a time limit is reached or someone wins two games). 

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