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hey again guys,
i want to clarify the imm. interrupt rule cause i dont think that me and my party play it exacly by the book

i know that imm. reaction means AFTER the attack and the dmg dealing. or after some sircumstances with after effects...
im not sure about the imm. interrupt though. it means after the attack and before the dmg dealing? or even before the attack(b4 the d20 is rolled). some utility powers like swift parry and magic shield that provides +AC are imm. interrupts. so whats the deal with that? enemy target me and i use the imm. interrupt power incase he hits me, or enemy hits me and i use the imm. interrupt power to add the +AC bonus and evade the hit.? i know most of the powers define the triger mechanism, like second chance of halflings, "get hit by an attack", but some other riposte powers is a bit blurry..
rogue's riposte strike can kill the enemy before the attack is made? if both ,attacker and defender are with 5 hp and that means that the next attack is a killshot, who made the 1st attack? the defender rogue with the riposte power or the enemy that trigers it? or both?

sorry for long speech and thanx in advance!
An immediate interrupt goes right before its own trigger. If the trigger is "you take damage", then it goes after the attack roll but before you receive any damage. If the trigger is "you are attacked", it goes before the attack roll.

If the Riposte is an interrupt, then it goes before the attacker, which means that yes you can kill your attacker before he gets to strike. 
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Strictly speaking Interrupt happen after their trigger starts but before it resolves. Interrupts can specifically invalidate actions, if the action is no longer completeable, the action is lost. So in your example if you had an II that said "Trigger: you are hit by an attack. Effect: Attacker takes 5 damage" and that damage killed the attacker, the attack would be invalidated.
its clear now. thanx guys