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No sideboard, untested, just came up with this.  Anyone who works with Grixis or aggro is encouraged to submit feedback.

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You're damn right I do!  I'm completely out of firewater.  ;_;

Why not just play regulation Delver?
No Snapcasters, everyone but me is opening them and I'll be damned if I'm paying 91 for a set.


Seems to me that if you are running blue, you should be running 4 Ponder, especially with Mindshrieker.
Ponder arranges my library, not my opponent's.
I greatly enjoy and send you kudos for using both Arc Trail and Mindshrieker. They're greatly underrated cards, and I've seen games won and lost with them. I'd love to see you test it though. I would miss the extra removal from the lack of snapcaster. Ever since I purchased my set (Yes, I knew the only way I'd get some was to buy the set for 100ish), I've noticed games just get so much easier. Flashing down a blocker as an effective disfigure, AND flashing back a doom blade or other removal to take out their bomb? You just can't beat that.
Arc Trail, good. Mindshrieker, no
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Mindshrieker is better against control. Provided you can counter their counter/removal. It's not uncommon for me to mill a 6 drop and then something else, and swing for double digits on turn 4. I ran it in an illusions deck to test the card out and see how it felt. I think I milled a Snapcaster and a Wurmcoil that game, haha.

But I wouldnt run it in a control deck, personally. it just, isnt reliable enough. 
Ponder arranges my library, not my opponent's.

Mindshrieker is only (consistently) good when you know you can pump him, which is why you need to use him to mill yourself.

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No, I don't believe you do.
I like your other deck. Makes me feel good about myself.

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