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Hi all, just saying hi here. I am an old newbie. Meaning, I am a 43 year old newbie to magic. My story is on my new blog. I created a site here. Currently sorting through a "new to me" collection that is huge. Any advice on that is welcome. I am currrently trying to sort them all by release/block first.


Welcome to the forums.

I don't know how many cards you own, but there's a fair amount from the blog photo. I couldn't ID much, but I thought I saw a Fellwar Stone in one of the nearer piles, and if it is it's from The Dark (that was the only set with that art in black borders.)

Sorting by set is the best way to start - I personally then sort by colour and type. Separate artifacts and lands.

A couple of useful links, and some history.

Set symbols can be identified from the products page. This shows everything - not only core and expansions, but also all the special products like duel decks, WotC have released.

With set symbols, core and expansion sets released on or after June 1998 have colour-coded set symbols to indicate rarity - I suspect you know this. (I believe the Portal and Starter sets are an exception.)

Sets released before Exodus don't have this colour-coding. The set symbols are all one colour (usually black), and the first six core sets - Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Fourth Edition and Fifth Edition - don't have a set symbol at all. There is a handy-dandy illustrated guide to the sets and how to tell them apart in the FAQ at the top of this forum. It's found here.

Some cards in the older sets can be staggeringly valuable, as they are both scarce and in high demand. Watch out for them.

Hope you have fun with your ccards.
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Thanks so much for the great reply! Very helpful! I am excited about my new to me collection. AND yep! That is a felwar stone. I have a few of them and the one from the dark is mint! I have it in a sleeve. Thanks for pointing that out, I don't reall even know what all I have yet, I have several thousand to sort through still. I am a bit like a kid in a candy store going through them all, it's great!

Thanks again!
One of the best pieces of advice I can give:

Age does always not equal value in this game.  There are lots of older cards that are worth big money, buts its the combination of being older and hard to find PLUS the cards playability/demand for deck building.     There are plenty of new cards that hold a large value as well.  So look up everything.  Some cards were printed multiple times, so be sure you are looking at the value of the right printing. It takes a long time, but it will make sure you know the proper value of your cards.

EDIT: a note on editions.  That Tor Wukai(spelled wrong) the archer looking legend in your photo is a good example.   Even though he has the Legends expansion symbol, it is white bordered indicating that it is a Chronicles edition reprint of the card.   This of course makes it worth less, but thats the kind of thing you need to be aware of
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Thank you Imiss! I am being very mythodical about going through the collection and although my eyes light up a bit on the so called high dollar cards, I am really more excited about playing, so I get what you are saying...just don't tell my wife. lol I am going to have to tell her none of them are worth selling. hehe.

On the "age and value" thing, look at Scathe Zombies, Pearled Unicorn and Gray Ogre. Why do I bring up this trio? Well, besides the fact that they're all vanilla 2/2s for 2c and thus provide a baseline, there are probably a hundred creatures I'd rather have at the three-drop (or even two-drop) slot in any deck you can name. (The most extreme form of this is Glint Hawk, a 2/2 flier for with the downside that you have to bounce an artifact of yours, in a block with at least four free artifacts, with a couple more in the previous block.)

For the collector, with the introduction of mythic, some very recent cards were worth more than, well, while not the Power Nine, more than the original duals.
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Thanks for the reply bay. I will keep my eyes peeled for those. I am getting excited about the new cards as well...shhh the wife doesn't know I bought a Graveborne Premium deck hehe. I have one of the Mythic Rares from that set, gonna get another one I'm sure. The strategies using new stuff compared to older seems vast.
I need a real camera, the droid cam is ok but not as sharp as I'd like.

I believe I see a Vesuva on the left side of that first photo, which is worth about $10. I don't recognize most of the cards you have, but I know you can use magiccards.info or starcitygames.com to check the value of your cards.
Aye that is Vesuva!
I gues I am having some difficulty mainly with understanding the rules, maybe I am overcomplicating things like I often do. I don't understand which card sets or blocks can be played with which? Like, can I use my M10 cards with IceAge? etc?
If you're not playing in a tournament (or in a game where players have agreed otherwise), then you can play cards from any set you like in any combination with other sets. All cards are compatible with all other cards as far as the rules go. You can play M10 with Ice Age, Homelands with Urza's Destiny, whatever. It doesn't matter.

It's only if you're playing in tournaments (or players have specified in advance) that there are any restrictions on what sets the cards in a deck can be from. In tournaments, the "format" defines which sets are legal and which sets are not. (And may also specify other restrictions, such as a list of banned cards.)

The Standard format (the most popular tournament format) allows only cards from the two most recent blocks and the Core Sets that follow them. Currently, that's Scars of Mirrodin block (Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Beseiged, New Phyrexia), M12, and Innistrad block (Innistrad). When Dark Ascension is released in a month that'll be legal in Standard too.

Other tournament formats include Extended (like Standard, only with four blocks instead of two), Modern (cards from all sets printed in the modern card face), Legacy (cards from all sets, with a banned list), and Vintage (cards from all sets, with a restricted list).

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Wow, perfect. Now I get it. Thanks for the clarifying answer!

As far as I know, for right now, I am claiming the title of Newbie Collector/Dreaming of Glory. It's a fun dual color card to play. Maybe I'll check out some FNM locally.

Thanks again!
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