Wanted:Pro GM to Run a new campaign for pay

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I am looking to get back into playing D&D.

10-15 years ago I was a pretty avid player and would love to get back into playing. I did some research and found a local bookstore that had D&D nights that played the 4’th edition premade adventures but it was hard to really enjoy playing with the disjointed nature of the one off games. Also the DMs were a bit lacking unfortunately.

So what I am looking for is a GREAT GM to create an epic campaign, a pro GM if you will. I think all professionals should be rewarded for their work so I would be happy to pay for these GM services time and creativity. (We can work out the details but I am envisioning some $$ for the upfront world creation efforts and $$ for each time we play).

To open this up to potential all-star GMs all over we would like to play online, using tools like virtual table, fantasy grounds, skype etc..

The ideal GM would have several years of DM experience, would run a rich story-driven role-playing world, someone proficient in the rules of the game (we are open to 3.5 or 4e) but not a rules lawyers. Looking for some fun open sandbox RP, problem solving play elements as well. Experience running online games and using online tools (or a willingness to learn them.

As far as the world something fantasy based, but we are open to an existing Forgotten realms/Drangonlance world, a place entirely of your own creation or something in between.

Will be happy to discuss details and ideas.

I several people interested in this already as players, once a GM has been picked we will be happy to have more players join in the campaign as well so let me know if you are interested as a player as well.

So All star GMs out there please let me know if you are interested. (Eastern Time zone US )