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So I'm looking to get a Warlock to legally qualify for Arcane Trickster (gives Sneak Attack dice as well as boosting casting and E.B.), without burning a feat for a cantrip and getting 3rd level spells.  Then I remembered Mystic Ranger from Dragon 336 and the Sword of the Arcane Order feat.  The first gives you 0-level spells and the second one gives you Arcane Spells cast from Int.  The build then comes down to this:

Spellthief 1/Warlock 4/Rogue 1/Dragonslayer 1/Swiftblade 3/Arcane Trickster 10//Arcane Hunter variant Mystic Ranger 5/Knight of the Raven 9 (Expedition to Castle Ravenloft)/Sanctified Mind 6

Lv 1 Expeditious Dodge (Races of the Wild), Iron will, Track (Bonus)
Lv 3 Mobility
Lv 4 Endurance (Bonus)
Lv 6 Sword of the Arcane Order
Lv 7 Spring Attack (Bonus)
Lv 9 Wild Talent
Lv 12 Point Blank Shot
Lv 15 Psionic Shot
Lv 18 Greater Psionic Shot

The Main combat point of the build is to use E.B. as the main Ranged Weapon, while maintaining a high BAB and near-max saves.  The main reason Dragonslayer is in the build is twofold: 1) giving All Martial Wep. Profs (allowing the Build to qualify for Sanctified Mind) and 2) Aura of Courage.  I am contimplating losing the Swiftblade levels for some other high Ref. Save PrC, but I need it to advance casting, so I need suggestions for that, if any.

1) Is this build legal as is?
2) What improvements can be made, if any?

Please help me and thank you for your help and time in advance.
I would go for Assassin 5 instead of ranger 5. You get +3d6 sneak attack, posion use, improved uncanny dodge and death attack (not much useful considering Int is not nearly your primary stat, but maybe u can find a use for it). Also you can go for assassin 8/9 to get Hide in plain sight, which helps you very much to take out your opponent's DEX bonus to AC. It's specially useful since you are playing warlock, who can use Darkness at will and Devil's sight with 24 hs duration. You can hide in your dark area, where you can see normally, and make SA from there up to 250' radius with your Eldrich Spear.
Uh...Ranger is part of the first 5 levels of one side.  The // seperates the two sides.  Maybe this will help visual problems:
Lv1 Spellthief 1//Arcane Hunter variant Mystic Ranger 1
Lv2 Warlock 1//MR 2
Lv3 Warlock 2//MR 3
Lv4 Warlock 3//MR 4
Lv5 Warlock 4//MR 5
Lv6 Rogue 1//Knight of the Raven 1
Lv7 Dragonslayer 1//KotRa 2
Lv8 Swiftblade 1//KotRa 3
Lv9 Swift 2//KotRa 4
Lv 10 Swift 3//KotRa 5
Lv 11 Arcane Trickster 1//KotRa 6
Lv 12 AT 2//KotRa 7
Lv 13 AT 3//KotRa 8
Lv 14 AT 4//KotRa 9
Lv 15 AT 5//Sanctified Mind 1
Lv 16 AT 6//SM 2
Lv 17 AT 7//SM 3
Lv 18 AT 8//SM 4
Lv 19 AT 9//SM 5
Lv 20 AT 10//SM 6

Does that help you understand things better?  Or are there more problems?
Posting from my phone. I'll check the full legality when I get a chance. But for now...

You can also use the psychic rogue from the Mind's Eye, and you can save yourself the Wild Talent feat. 

I wouldn't suggest (Greater) Psionic Shot. It's too slow to use in most serious circumstances; the main reason people consider it is if they're suffering from a limited-speed effect that takes a long time to set up, or if they're going for Fell Shot. EB isn't the former, and has no need for the latter.

(ElVizard: 3.5 Darkness is just "shadowy illumination" and Devil's Sight isn't needed; simple low-light vision can usually outdo it. Still, the suggestion of assassin is a good one - although ranger may be more efficient. I'm not familiar with sword of the arcane order or mystic hunter.) 

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New-shadow: Ok. I get why you need the ranger. But I agree with tempest that psychic rogue would be more useful. 
In that case, there's a "legality" issue because you can't combine two PrC's at any level (as stated in the UA), unless your DM allows that as a house-rule


...All creatures in the area gain concealment
(20% miss chance). Even creatures
that can normally see in such conditions
(such as with darkvision or lowlight
vision) have the miss chance in an
area shrouded in magical darknes  

 This is from the darkness spell. I doesn't specifically says it still has concealment, but you still still get miss chance, and logically, it's because you have concealment. A DM can still consider it otherwise... but I think that is what it was intended
@ElVizard: The house rule of combining 2 PrC's at the same time is fine, sorry if I negelcted to mention that earlier.

@Tempest: 1) Sword of the Arcane Order is a feat that allows Rangers and Paladins to cast Arcane Spells from Int, where 10+spell level is required to cast the spells.  It's on page 34 of Champions of Valor.
2). Psychic Rogue is a go, though what power would you suggest?  And what would feats would you use to replace the (Greater) Psionic Shot, Arcane Strike perhaps?  I am primarily looking for something to boost E.B. in a "pile on the damage dice" type of thing.  I have turn undead from KotRa 3 if it helps your choices any.
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