Where'd my Challenge-Seeking weapon go??!!

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I've got a druid who's been using a Challenge-Seeking Accurate Staff +1 since I created her.  My DM asked for an updated wish list recently & now I can not find any Challenge-Seeking version of this item in the CB's Marketplace.  I'm looking under Superior Implement (category) and Accurate Staff (item), and it lists a ton of other options, but no Challenge-Seeking.

Was Challenge-Seeking recently errata'd or am I not looking it up correctly?
Try using the 'find equipment' tab rather than the Marketplace.

Also, Challenge-Seeking is a weapon enchantment, not an implement Enchantment.  I think that means it's not available for the Staff Implement.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Well, this is odd.  On all of my power cards, it says under "additional effects" that I get the +1d6 when I hit.  But the text for Challenge-Seeking says "Weapon: Any Melee"...so how'd I get this item in the first place?  If it doesn't apply to Implements that also double as a melee weapon, then it shouldn't exist.  But if it does apply solely on the fact that its a Quarterstaff (melee), then I should be able to find it again.

Jeez, I'm confused...
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