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I'm a little confused on how combat plays out in CON.

Just as an example, if one foot soldier attacks another foot soldier, and they both roll 6's, they both die because attackers and defenders combat at the same time, right?

Now, if one piece attacks another, and the attacker misses, but the defender hits, then the attacking piece is dead, correct?

Thanks in advance.
Generally spoken, both parties, attacker and defender, count the number of hits (6's or higher) they made. Then, the opposing player, respectively, decides which pieces take damage until there are no more hits left. 

Your examples are correct if there is just a fight between 1 attacking footsoldier and 1 defending footsoldier and no more pieces else.

Just another example:
Attacker: 1 footsoldier + 1 siege engine
Defender: 1 footsoldier + 1 dragon

Attacker's dice: 6 with d6 for the footsoldier and 4 and 7 with the two d8 for the siege engine (attacking) = 2 hits in total
Defender's dice: 4 with d6 for the footsoldier and 18 with d20 for the dragon = 1 hit in total

The attacker decides to take the 1 hit for the footsoldier who dies and keeps his siege engine.
The defender decides to take 1 hit for the dragon and 1 hit for the footsoldier. Because of the durable dragon just the footsoldier dies.
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