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Hey everyone,

I am currently building a modern deck (im new to this format), but Im not sure what to test it against.

What are the top 5 decks I should be prepared for at the moment? Offcourse playing zoo is something totaly different then playing combo, but I kinda want to know what my good and bad matchups are and if I should switch some cards to counter that, use a specific sideboard or just give up that match up all together.

So, which 5 decks should I practise against for a feel of the modern format?

Thanks in advance!
Mono Red
Splinter Twin/Pyromancers Ascencion Combo
Death Cloud/BG ROCK/BGw  ROCK +Doran/knight of the reliquary
UB Teachings/Gifts
Melira combo pod
Living End combo

At least this is what you MUST consider. There are LOADS of rogue(tier 1.5 decks) that can just crush you but bear in mind that local meta is the main thing you should think about.
Thanks alot, it at least gives me something to start with

Do you know where i can find these deck lists?

Also I was wondering, so far it feels like modern is pretty fast. Is it possible to play something like white/black control with Angel of Despair or mono black korlash control (just throwing something out there) or are you supposed to play agro/fast combo to stand a chance in modern?

Thanks again.

Thats worlds. Bear in mind that wild nacatl and punishing fire are banned. My assumption is that zoo will start playing 4/5c domain with snapcasters(snapcaster+tribal flames=1/2 your life total). People may start playing variations - like boros aggro with steppe lynx/figure/ranger of eos. The thing is that you have to decide what you like - aggro/control/combo and then see what the local meta is. If you want to play MTGO modern I'd suggest going next level blue or affinity. I dont know about BW control. Mono black is also a no-go when you have BG cloud(for me that is)
Here is my 2 cents on the current meta:

Decks to Beat (You should expect to see these decks in competition)
Blue Zoo
Esper Gifts
UR Storm
Melira Pod
UR Twin

Decks to Watch (You might run into these decks at a competition)
Rb Burn
Hive Mind
Living End
Esper Teachings
Thanks again for your reply's

I have been testing with a white black build I like, this is the current list I have:

3 Knight of Meadowgrain
3 Dark Confidant
4 Tidehollow Sculler
4 Vampire Nighthawk
4 Mirran Crusader
2 Kitchen Finks

4 Inquisition of Kozilek
3 Oblivion Ring
4 Path to Exile
1 Profane Command
2 Sword of Light and Shadow
1 Sword of Fire and Ice
2 Elspeth, Knight Errant

It's working fine so far, but the only card Im thinking of cutting at the moment is Knight of Meadowgrain. Since most of the creatures have 3 toughness I dont really think it's that great of a deal for the 2 slot.

Any suggestions for the 3 spots that would open up?

Also, any suggestions for the sideboard?
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