Dungeon 197 - Heart of the Scar

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Pg. 20 Chaos Scar: Heart of the Scar's Shoth-Gorag Threatening Reach Trait should let it make Opportunity Attacks against enemies within 4 squares of it rather than 2, since it has Reach of 4 with its Tentacules.

EDITED To Strikethrough. Please disregard 
I don't see why it should.  Your reach, and your threatening reach, are not necessarily the same distance.  In this case, the latter is smaller.
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You're right brother. The RC definition of it changed that and made it clear that both can be of different value as opposed to the MM which wasn't.

I went and edited the original post. 

MM 283 Threatening Reach: A creature that has threatening reach can make an opportunity attack against any enemy within its reach that provokes an opportunity attack. 

RC 247 Threatening Reach: Some creature have a Trait called Threatening Reach,  which lets a creature make opportunity attack against enemies that aren't adjacent to it. The Trait specify the extent of a creature's Threatening Reach. 
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