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There are some things I'm not clear on with regard to gameplay in Legend of Drizzt. The video helped a little, but it would be nice to have a video that actually showed someone setting up and playing through the 1st, solo adventure as Drizzt.

Here is what I am curious about - and I don't think the rules address this:

Drizzt has a speed of 7. According to the Hero Phase portion of the Player Turn section of the rulebook (page 7) he can move and then make an attack, attack and then move, or make two moves.

Because Drizzt has the expert combatant ability to make an additional attack during his hero phase, in all of the cases above he should have an extra attack, right?

So - he can move , then make two attacks. Attack twice then move, or make two moves (up to 14 squares) and one attack during his hero phase?

But this presents another challenge. Drizzt has the ability to move 14 squares per turn (and then attack), but at the start of the game when just the start tile is down, after only moving a couple of his 14 possible available movement points Drizzt will be at an unexplored edge.  The rules are very unclear about what happens then. At the unexplored edge does his hero phase end immediately even though he still has as many as 12 movement points *and* an attack left? Upon reaching a square on an unexplored edge, does the player immediately stop (regardless of additional movement or attacks available), move onto the Exploration phase, draw a cavern tile and place it with its triangle pointing to the unexplored ege, and place a monster on the new tile? Once this is done, then does it move right on to the villain phase? That sounds tedious - with the player knowing that EVERY new tile is going to have a monster that is ALWAYS going to basically win initiative and get the first attack for free. If Drizzt then decides to run, with 14 movement points, he soon encounters another tile, another monster, that gets another instant initative roll and free attack. Or conversely, after reaching an unexplored edge, do I perform PART of the explorer phase - then pick a monster, put it on the monster patch, continue my hero phase movments and attacks, then go back to the explorer phase and perform the mosnter roles, then move on to the villain phase? That seems silly, too, but it isn't clear in the instructions in either case.

Again - a video showing someone actually setting up and playing through the Escape from the Underdark solo adventure would go a LONG way toward helping clarify these points. I've read the FAQ and searched through this forum and I don't see anything that clarifies this. If there is something I'm mising, please help me out by pointing me to it.
Think of your hero phase is split into 4 parts,Start of turn, an attack action, a move action, and End of Turn. You can make the additional attack on the attack action, or trade that attack action for an extra move action.

Pg 8 of the Drizzt Rulebook.

"Your Hero can attack either before or after moving, or move twice instead of making an attack"

So regardless of how many extra attacks you can make on your hero phase, you must make the attacks in a lump sum, before or after movement, but not spread out.

Note there are exceptions to this as explained on specific cards. Such cards that say that they are used during your hero phase, but dont say they are used instead of attacking. These can be used after or before any action on your hero phase

As far as continuing movement after placing a tile, that doesn't occur. You only place a tile if you end your hero phase at an un explored edge. Therefore you cannot continue movement unless you have a power or item that allows movement outside of the hero phase.

The rules are actually clearer than you think they are, you're just trying to read too much into things and confusing yourself. You have to really think about the phases of each players turns

Your hero does things on the hero phase.

You place tiles on the exploration phase (If you ended your hero phase on a unexplored edge)

THen on the villain phase you

You draw encounter cards if you didn't place a tile OR placed one with a black triangle.

Activate the villain if its there (Meaning the villain will go on EVERY players turn, thats why they're deadlier, they are the VILLAIN after all)

Activate YOUR monsters only in the order you drew them. And activate other players' monsters if they have the same exact ones as you. So if you have a skeleton and the other player has one, they will both activate when yours does, and on his turn the they'll both activate again.
As Far as the placing of Monsters on every new tile you explore, you are correct. You say its tedious, but that IS the game itself. This is a board game not an rpg. If your players weren't fighting something what else would they be doing? Sure you could just explore new tiles, but what is there to explore other than looking at the picture for a few seconds and going, oh that looks cool. The point of the game is to uncover new tiles, fight hordes of monsters/traps/effects and figure out how to keep the group alive through all of it to complete whatever objective you're on. If you have only 1 or 2 characters, you probably will die a few times. As far as the monster getting instant initiative, there is no 'initiative' to get or roll. Your turn is comprised of your heroes actions, then the monsters actions. So you both get attacks. Sure a new monster will get to attack first when uncovered, but most monsters you encounter will do at most 1 point of damage. It can be rough during the first solo mission. But remember, your first mission is to escape, not fight everything. I think i died 3 times before i finally escaped.