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So I'm trying to make online maps; I'm trying to make complicated encounters (3d terrain, multi-room encounters, including areas for phasing creatures and gargantuan creatures); and I'm trying to make a fair number of them.  Say, 30 or 40 maps.

I'm looking for a website or (free) program that will generate a base map using the parameters above, that I can then tweak.  There are quite a few dungeon generators out there, but they are 2d maps that are usually based on medium creatures - although most of them do multi-room creation quite nicely, and phasing works out because of that.  These generators end up being extremely helpful for heroic tier encounters (especially non-boss ones); but as one gets into higher tiers, the need for larger base size corridors becomes more common; and flying becomes more common, as well as high high jumping or teleporting, which really shines with 3d rooms (even if it's doom 1 style 3d where no lower levels overlap upper levels).

If anyone knows of such a map generator, let me know please!
The generator my dm likes to use can be modified for large characters, possibly even huge. It's still 2D though, you'd have to mark where the 3D terrain is.
I'll get it from him later today when we play, then post it up for you.
hey that'd be awesome - thanks very much!
Just use MapTools, you can do 3D mapping and have any sized maps/creatures/etc that you want, plus you can actually make yourself a token with your character's stats and powers and everything built into it. All you do is click a button and it'll roll and do everything for you.
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Ah but I'm looking for something to make the basic map in the first place; I don't want to have to design every single layout every single time.  (I also find that an element of randomness goes a long way towards inspiring me towards a well-crafted epic masterpiece).  That said, MapTools might be totally viable for creating the finished product; but my interest is in the initial stage, when I know I want, say, a dungeon; but I have no other details, so I'm just looking for a floor plan creator.
If you don't mind REALLY simple, try Donjon
I like Donjon actually; my biggest issue with it is the fact I can't modify the default corridor size to accomodate a larger creature.  It also doesn't do all that well with adding in 3d terrain as it is a little too simple for that.
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