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This is a decklist for my U/R Braid of fire deck itss tentative right now bu t I REALLY Like the idea


3 steam vents
4 scalding tarn
16 mountain

2 Emrakul, the aeons torn
4 izzet guildmage

4 braid of fire
4 comet storm
4 lava spike
4Leyline of anticipation 
4 Desperate ritual
3 Slagstorm

Lava spike desperate ritual and the guildmage are actually an infinite combo for five mana that i can stop so its not a draw..

assuming a leyline i can hardcast emrakul turn 5. maybe sooner with a rit. 
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it may just be me but i dont see the infinite combo.

desperate ritual is an instant and izzet guildmage second ability only copies a sorcery
With the ritual spliced onto Lava Spike the whole thing is a sorcery.  Copying it gives the whole effect of the spell, including what was spliced on.
oh wow! that is pretty cool, I learned something new :P

never new that was how splice worked

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