Artificer Summons defense bonuses

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This may have been mentioned somewhere before, but I don't see it, so:

The Defensive Minions feat gives you a +2 feat bonus on all defenses for any of your artificer summons.  Nothing wrong there by itself.

The Clockwork Engineer PP gives you a +2 power bonus on all defenses for any of your artificer or PP summons.  That's going to stack with the feat, obviously. 

+4 defenses to everything you summon for a feat slot and your PP choice is awfully good - and the path encourages you to load up on summons.  Is this really intended?  Many of the class summons already have untyped defense bonuses, and the path has a whopping +4 AC/Ref baked in to its 20th level power.  I know leader classes don't tend to have the best defenses (AC in particular) in the world, but do they really need Clockwork Companions walking around at +8 AC/Ref or Clockwork Acid Wasps at +6 to make their summons work?  Especially when they also gain bonuses to attack and movement at 16th?

Seems like the path should simply grant the Defensive Minions feat at 11th, rather than providing a potentially stacking bonus.  That still frees up a feat slot, which is always helpful.  

This isn't too great of a concern. Artificer summons can only be used so much, and they're not particularly encounter-defining (at least, not until Simulacrum is available); making their summons less killable doesn't necessarily make them more effective.