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Please help me improve my deck if you have any ideas and do very well in tournaments, thanks.

Green/white token deck

7 forest

4 plains

4 sunpetal grove

4 gavony township

1 razorverge thicket (wish i had more)

4 birds of paradise

2 solemn simulucrum ( wish i had more)

1 avacyn's pilgrim

1 lanowar elves

2 blade splicer ( want more)

4 precursor golem

1 vorinclex, voice of hunger

1 elesh norn, grand cenobite

3 garruk primal hunter

2 elspeth tirel

4 intangible virtue

3 asceticism

4 parrallel lives

4 rampant growth

4 triumph of the hordes


1 Moldgraf Monstrosity

2 naturalize

4 oblivion ring

1 island

2 wingsplicer ( want more??)

3 autumn veil

2 sword of feast and famine (might trade?)

I also want to add hero of bladehold deffinately and maybe geist monk. 

well I sure wish someone will post a reply soon :D
I think what your deck need is more token-generating spells.
Your mana ramping should be enough with 4x rampant growth and 4x birds of paradise.
If you need more mana ramping creatures, put more avacyn's pilgrim or lanowar elves, it is kind of awkward because you only have 1 of each.
Solemn simulucrum is a bit slow for me so you can remove it, put more avacyn's pilgrim or lanowar elves. Viridian Emissary is a good alternative too.

Precursor golem's ability can go against you, there's other tokens-generating creatures that are better:
Doomed Traveler (He becomes flying when he dies)
Hero of Bladehold (Battle cry)
Geist Honor-monk (Give you flying tokens and she grows if you have more creatures, which is useful since you are generating a lot of tokens in this deck)
The praetor is good on its own but don't really fit in a tokens deck. You can still use Elesh Norn if you want since she can buff your tokens. Remove Vorinclex since he is slow and you need more tokens instead of mana.

Ascetism only protects your creatures from being target and let you regenerate, but it won't protect them from AoE spells like day of judgement. Since you will be swarming with tokens, ascetism is quite useless here. Triumph of the Hordes uses 4 mana and the effect is only for 1 turn. I would prefer more token-generating spells, for example:
Timely Reinforcement (Heal and spawn tokens)
Shrine of Loyal Legions
Midnight Haunting (Instant flying tokens generating)
Mimic Vat (Card-copying Tokens)

You will need more controlling spells too, Oblivion ring and day of judgement will be nice for white. Beast within can be use for controlling opponents big creatures or making your 1/1 tokens bigger.     

And you can remove some planeswalker for more slots for other spells.

So your main strategy will be controlling and ramping for the 1st few rounds, wait till your parallel lives and intangible virtue out, then start to swarm your opponents with tokens.

Anyway, these are just my opinions and feel free to question it. Hope it can help you.     
Yeah thank you I just now got back to the forum, this is one of my first standard decks and I perfected it awhile ago but I am running U/G infect and B/R zombies now for FNM. THank you very much for the reply though!! 
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