Five Color Scenarios

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I find that maybe the best way to go about learning what each of the colors are about is to try and envision what each color would do in a certain scenario:

Here's the Scenario: A trio of mages are travelling across the countryside and happen upon a forest. The mages stop and discuss whether they will enter the forest. One brave mage takes initiative and steps a few feet into the wood when *TWANG*, an arrow flies from a bow and strikes the head of the mage, who collapses on the ground dead. Another of the travelling mages steps forward into the wood to help his fellow mage when again *TWANG* an arrow hits him in the chest, and he collapses to the ground.

If the third mage is White, he will conclude that the forest should not be entered because those who do will be struck by an arrow, and will attempt to tell all he meets about the event. He may go as far as to go to the nearest town and inform everyone about the event in the forest.

If the third mage is Blue, he is fascinated with the event, and would like to know more about it. He may try to create an illusion or aparatus and see if the event will occur again. He may test any number of variables, such as whether it is only humans to which the event occurs.

If the third mage is Black, he has concluded that the event occurs whenever a person enters the forest, and as such he may try to use the event to his own ends. He likely has an enemy in mind that he plans to trick into the forest and have killed.

If the third mage is Red, his reaction will be an emotional outburst. He may have been the second mage who got shot. Perhaps he sees the event and charges into the forest to kill whatever might be inside, or perhaps the event scares him so much he runs away in terror, or in such anger he burns the forest down.

If the third mage is Green, the situation is understood immediately. Whether it be a sacred Elven land, or a band of brigands that are using the wood as cover for killing people, the Green mage knows the lesson; entering the wood means death. Unlike the white mage he will not go out of his way to tell others about it; he does not need to know more about it like the blue mage; he will use the information to his own needs, but will not trying to determine how to use it to like the black mage will; and he will not go to rescue fellow mages or panic about it like the red mage will.

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That's not really how colors work. A person's color tells you about thier basic personality, what they value, but it can't be used to determine how someone is going to react to a given situation.

There are dozens of ways a person could react to the given situation, and any of hte above sitautions coudl be done by any color mage.
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