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Hey all.

I Will be playing in an Realm in a little while and thought of a cool char concept.

I will be basing it off of captain america, and wanted some help to optimise it.

It is will be in eberron. As far as source material is concerened everything is allowed other than named realm books, and nothing from the Unearthed arcana.

We will be starting at lvl1 with a 22 point stat buy.

Lvls 1-5 will be a mix of fighter and warblade
Lvls 6-12 will be bloodstormblade 
Lvls 13+ will switch back to mixing Fighter and warblade
Active Shield Defense (PH2, p. 71), Shield Sling and Shield Ward (PH2, p. 82), Shield Charge and Shield Slam (CW, p. 105). Shield Sling says CAPTAIN AMERICA everywhere! :P

For the shield you should use a mythril or adamantine shield, maybe reflecting and returning (this one you should ask your DM if he allows it as a thrown weapon).
If he won't let you then there is always the Dwarven Buckler Axe, (Races of Stone, page 155). Not the best choice, but at least this way the DM can't argue. However... with Bloodstorm blade you do not need the returning enchantment, as suggested by ElVizard. 

 For the last levels you could use something like Master Thrower, though, with the Buckler Axe you wouldn't have power attack.

 Maybe see if you can have a shield bladed, basically shield spikes with slashing instead.... to give it the 'discus' effect 
Sorry it took so long. Thanks for your replies & ideas.

What would be a good stat line at 22 point buy?

Would there be any other classes or feats that would fit in well? 
Sorry it took so long. Thanks for your replies & ideas.

What would be a good stat line at 22 point buy?

Would there be any other classes or feats that would fit in well? 

22 is rather low (the standard is 25), so don't expect any miracles. You certainly won't be as badass as Captain America until quite a few levels later, especially if you try to capture everything he tries to do (leadership, unarmed combat, shield defense, and shield offense), and perhaps not even then. (And this approach is naturally going to gimp yourself in several other ways, since not even Shield Sling lets you throw a shield that's securely attached to your arm, so you basically have no defensive reason to use a shield with that feat - you still have to spend the actions to attach or detach the shield before or after throwing it.)

You'll need a high Strength (14+) - even Bloodstorm lets you use this on ranged attacks. Your Constitution needs to be up there (at least 14), and a high Intelligence (12 at least, 13 if you want to get some of the technical feats) wouldn't be a bad idea, particularly with warblade. The rest you don't really need, but you'll have to adjust your strategy accordingly. (In fact, you won't have much of anything else: 14/12/14/12/10/8 is 22 points. See why this is hard?)

 Fighter 2 / Warblade 3 gets you most of the goodies you'll want in time to get into an early Bloodstorm Blade. You won't need more Fighter than that, in all likelyhood, especially if you want to keep the number of maneuvers you've got high.

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DisposableHero_: if [my campaign] has taught me nothing else, it is that with this group, nothing tuned fairly will ever wipe the party

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Yeah The stats are pretty low but I have to make due with what I'm given.

I have discused it with him and using Quickdraw I would be able to remove the shield throw it and reatch it although I would not get to make a full attack action doing this.

I was originaly thinking human would any other races suit the class better?
If you use one of the weapon type shields I don't think your DM can stop you using Bloodstorm blade for a full attack... well unless he vetoes against the rules, but it's not broken by any stretch if it's your primary weapon. Heavy shield + spikes/blades (Slashing shield spikes) when all you do to throw it is slip the straps from your arm, hurl it, catch like a frisbee etc. With the Bloodstorm Blade ability that states it returns immediately... However, if that is the case then Master Thrower nets you the ability to hit two opponents, using boomerang ricochet, or whatever it's called with aptitude on your shield to net two targets an attack, and then maybe Leraje's ricochet, with a level of binder, to net an opponent... any of the above... I'm pretty sure they're all legal
You need a Bashing Shield (it's in the SRD). I only just spotted this the other day, but it makes your shield count as a +1 weapon two sizes larger for bash attacks. With the Improved Shield Bash feat and shield spikes (+1 size) a heavy shield basically becomes a 50% stronger one-handed Greatsword (3d6) AND a shield (though it has the cost of a +2 shield rather than a +1 weapon). I don't know why everyone doesn't dual-wield the damn things.

Since you can use the shield as your primary attack whenever you want, you should be able to do pretty much anything with it you can do with any other weapon.

Mechanically what you have is cool, but thematically you might want something like Paladin for leadership and whatnot (Aura of Courage is good, and any Cha bonus would apply to the Leadership feat). There are some other options, I think Marshal or whatever. I'm not sure these will give you the most optimised guy though, especially with 22pb.
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