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Just gifted Dante's Inferno this year as a Christmas present (wrapped it in a map of the circles of hell to be trolly and self-referential) and I'm surprised to find that the gameplay is actually... fun. I thought it would be a horrible rip-off that would warrant me digging up Dante Alighieri and shaking him by the shoulders, waking his zombie ass up to slay the makers of this game. 

I'm still just a little pissed that they turned Beatrice into such a **** (as well as Dante), but getting over that, it's a blast. Virgil is completely useless but I didn't expect any more from him.

Anyone disappointed by the game? Anyone really enjoy it?
Anyone never read Dante's Inferno (forcing me to believe that you're a horrible person for playing the game and not reading it first) and is totally confused at all of the quotes that pop up when you K.O.?

(P.S. I didn't give it to my significant other for christmas just because I wanted to play it... but, you know. It's a good coupley thing to do, traverse the many circles of hell. The couple that games together has way more fun than that loser being dragged through a mall holding the tiny pink purse). 
I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but my expectations weren't super high.

My big impression was that all the effort was piled up in the first third. The second 2/3rds are lazy, uninspired, with boring boss fights, and the game gets incredibly easy and grindy once you open up the 4th Tier spells.

Here's the comic I drew shortly after finishing:


All in all it's an incredibly silly game that takes itself waaaaay too seriously. Though the DLC Trials of St. Lucia was actually really interesting with some neat mechanics. That should have been the main game.

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
who, squatting upon the ground,
held his heart in his hands, and ate of it.
I said, "is it good, friend?"
"It is bitter – bitter," he answered;
"but I like it,
"beacuase it is bitter,
"and because it is my heart."

Ah. We just beat it last night (not the DLC yet) and I've found a couple things to be true. One, why do I need to mash the O button so much with those tiny statues? It was probably the most pointless activity, but I like button mashing so it slipped by my radar. 

The trials nearing the end with all those "complete ___ in ___ seconds!" were painful. I get what you mean by saying they put all the  effort in the beginning. Half of the end trials were so obscure, that we ended up looking up a cheap way to pass the "stay in the air for 8 seconds" test. They were things that the game never really told you how to do at any given point beforehand, so I just kept hacking away until the sad little "hello retard, this is how you do it!" notification popped up.

I wish it was a little more serious, actually. They made virgil really lame and... biblical. He kept shouting things. He's not an angel of God or a sinner or some great leader of war. He just got stuck there because he wasn't Christian. They could have made him seem a little more friendly. (Personal bias but meh). There was serious boobage everywhere that made me feel like it cheapened Dante Alighieri's work. Beatrice was a beautiful lady, not a **** who is corrupted by a horny Lucifer and can't keep her **** in one place. Dante wasn't a raping, pillaging slaughterhouse. At one point, when that Lust demon had babies pouring out of her horrific purple nipples, I had to say "come on, is that really necessary?". In historical references, the giant demon of what I believe is Egyptian mythology descent had babies pouring out of her mouth, not her ****. She also devoured a lot of people. 

I had a lot of fun joking around about stuff anyway. Two existential atheists sit down to shout "Yeah, use those... funky Jesus powers" everytime we used the cross attack.

Well... actually. I felt like I used the cross attack too much in the end.  
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