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This thread is for discussion of this week's Making Magic, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.
I mostly just want to say that I've really enjoyed the site over the years, particularly Making Magic.  I find that I'm playing Magic less and less (even though I still love it), but I'm still a regular reader.   I guess I'm just a slave to my habits. 

Thanks for 10 great years, Mark!  I've not only loved your insights into Magic, but into life itself.  Here's to the next 10 years!
Thanks to all the MTG.com writers over the years. The site is practically a curriculum in game design, particularly Making Magic. I don't read it or play Magic as much as I used to, but I still check in at least once a week. (I miss Aaron Forsythe! More random card of the day please!)
My favorite columns are Savor the Flavor, Serious Fun, and Building on a Budget. I at least skim through every article every day but those ones I always read fully. I get really sad and lonely on some nights when I check the site really late to see if new articles are posted only to woefully find that it's the weekend.

Thank you very much to all the writers of the articles I read daily. You make me happy in my pants
Amazing - ten years on, and several of the columns still exist in pretty much the original form! Not many publications can boast that.

I first started reading Savor the Flavor, after reading some archives of Taste the Magic and wanting more. Then during a preview week I learned that all the columnists get preview cards, and started reading (or at least skimming - tournament play is way above my level, so Top Decks and Week That Was don't hold much interest for me) all the columns.

Today, my favorite columns are Making Magic, Savor the Flavor, and Latest Developments. That gives me a nice split across the week of absolutely awesome articles (okay, deflate your egos a little, they're not ALL awesome...); but since I'm in Australia, they come out in the middle of the day. In our winter and your summer, publication time is 2pm my time - a reasonable time to take a break from work. Unfortunately, when DST is the other way around, the articles come out at 4pm my time, and I'm already thinking about packing up and going home. Oh well!

These articles are always well composed (although sometimes I wish I could step in wiki-style as a copyeditor - there's the odd typo that occasionally slips through, or a reference to a card that I would like to see linking to Gatherer), and as such are well worth citing. Downside of having had ten years of weekly articles in 5-11 columns? There's an awful lot to search through... Where was that article in which the letter of the day and its response had something about a schoolroom and the class being taught magic theory? Had something about "Teacher asks: How does a planeswalker cast a spell? Class responds: He draws mana from his mana bonds, etc, etc". I think it was STF, but I'm not even sure of that. Still, it's a great place to just browse!
Only been playing for a little over a year and a half and I love this place. Such a wealth of info all wrapped up in a nice little package has really helped me learn a lot about the game and its history.

TBQH I don't remember when I first really started visiting this place but I know I started by reading the Making Magic stuff and slowly branched out to the other content. Right now that, Savor the Flavor and Latest Developments are my must reads for the week since I love learning about the inner workings of the game. I also enjoy the Spike articles and Building on a Budget. I also remember how I ignored the Arcana at first, but now that is something I look at every day since it always has something cool and interesting. 

Thanks for all the great content, looking forward to another 10 great years worth :D
My first encounter was somewhere in the very beginning. I remember I was very exited to see the uncommon duals from Invasion being spoiled on the bland boring previous site, where I would check for updates often but rarely found any, so when this site started about a year later I thought "yeah, actually that's much better". I think I missed the first few weeks though. I'm not an early adopter. 

I absolutely love markrosewater.tumblr.com btw, it's a good replacement for ask wizards, which I also miss the most. 

Btw, no talk about how magicthegathering.com changed to dailymtg.com to make the magicthegathering.com adress something accessible? 
I've been a faithful reader for years as well.  I enjoyed the recap - thanks, Mark!  I also find myself playing less, but still following the Magic sets, rules changes, etc. regularly.  Maybe I just haven't found another newspaper I like as much?
As the original writer of the Limited Information column, I'm surprised that didn't get a mention. With an eight-year-and-counting run now I think it's probably one of the longest running columns on the site?
My favorite columns are Savor the Flavor, Serious Fun, and Building on a Budget. I at least skim through every article every day but those ones I always read fully. I get really sad and lonely on some nights when I check the site really late to see if new articles are posted only to woefully find that it's the weekend.

Thank you very much to all the writers of the articles I read daily. You make me happy in my pants

Torleep, you rabid Craig Ferguson fan, you!  Good for you.

Scott - thanks for the reminder on Limited Information.  I loved having Serious Fun run alongside it; the duo made for (warning: biased opinion ahead!) the best one-two punch of any day on the site. 

Lathspel - holy hell, do you still post on this site?!  Dude.  Start a column already.

Best to all,
I was one of those opposed to the whole NetDeck idea, so I did avoid it at first, but still couldn't help but peak pretty often. I still make my own decks for the most part, but use DailyMTG as a tool to know what to expect. (I live too far from a regular game shop to do it in person.)

My favorite aspect, and one that I miss dearly, is the banner that ran across the old site. Theme weeks were great that way. I understand that the new design is easier and less art intensive, but it really rocked before. There was never a question about the theme of the week back then.     
I'm fairly new to the site. I've been reading it off and on for about a year. I like Mark's column the best and look forward to it each week when I have time to read. I read all articles in their entirety when I visit, but have found myself lacking time to play. My second favorite feature is the online draft simulator. I'd consider online drafting, but charging full retail price for cards I can't keep in my trade binder seems a bit ridiculous. Why, if this is the case, is it not $5? Even if just for the previously releasted set?
Been reading since the first week, ten years ago. At that point, I'd been in my job for just 3 months; just recently they gave me a computer as a thank you for working for them for 10 years. I'd been running a weekly board games evening for a couple of years; it's still going strong 10 years later.

I enjoyed reading Mark Rosewater's articles the most; hey-hey, looks like I still do. I created a few random home-made Magic cards, which bizarrely are still on the Internet; ten years later, I run the Multiverse web database for people to create their own home-made Magic cardsets and comment on other people's. There's absolutely no way my Multiverse site would exist if it weren't for the continual stream of excellent design advice Mark's been giving over the years.

Ten years ago, I'd been to three big prerelease tournaments in London. I kept going to them until the big prereleases were strangled with New Phyrexia, a great shame; 50 people in a scout hut just isn't the same as 500 people in a conference room.

And, yes, I play rather less Magic than I did ten years ago. I buy a number of singles from each expansion and perhaps enough boosters for one draft with friends. But I think about it just as much, thanks to dailymtg and Multiverse, and the burgeoning Magic design blog scene such as Goblin Artisans, MTGColorPie and the rest.

It's a fun time to be playing, and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon. My daughter's 18 months old, and I'm looking forward with great anticipation to teaching her to play Magic in a few years' time. 
I, for one, really miss Uncommon Knowledge. I'd love to see it come back, perhaps as a monthly or even a once-per-set-release thing (I know that for a while, its past authors would periodically be invited back to do remarkably Uncommon Knowledge-like feature articles, I guess I'm saying I'd like to see that practise resume). I see no reason the existing Spike-oriented content and this unique and, to my mind, not very Spiky column need to be mutually exclusive.

I also really enjoyed The Play's The Thing, which I'll bet hardly anyone remembers - Zvi Moshowitz' short-lived column on the decisions one makes when actually playing the game. It's a potentially rich topic that there's surprisingly little written about. Unfortunately, a small but vocal group of what must be, quite honestly, the dumbest regular readers this site has ever had would post ill-informed but really harsh comments about it every single week - as one person said at the time, Zvi was trying to explain advanced strategy to people who quite literally didn't understand the concept of examples. And, these people were not content to just conclude that they weren't the target audience for the column, and go read something else, but brutally disparaged its very right to exist at every turn. It was painful to read sometimes. I don't know if that's the only reason the column was killed just when it was getting going, but I'd be amazed if the two had nothing to do with one another.
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I was fortunate enough to first encouter this website the day it was announced. I didn't have constant internet access at the time, so it was really cool to get online and see the launch of a new site.

At first I read all the columns. That's changed, and I've come and gone through the years, but I'm always drawn back.

Making Magic is still the best column of course; it's an excellent read even when I'm not actively playing.
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