01/03/2011 LI: "The Changing Face of Innistrad Limited"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

The reputation of that UGb deck really is getting way out of proportion. Spider Spawning, Memory's Journey and Runic Repetition are all Uncommons. Now that everyone knows to hatedraft them (or in the case of Spider Spawning, just draft them) you'll get that deck working very seldom indeed - I don't recommend anyone P1P1s a Dream Twist any time soon!
I like Steve as a writer but I feel like this is a catch up article, written way too late. As in these picks were already true at the start of the format, Harvest Pyre was always known as a conditional spell, and Dead Weight which is a black Shock is always good even against creatures it can't outright kill. Plus bouncing two creatures was also good with Silent Departure.

It's a good article for showing how formats evolve over time, nothing wrong there. I'm certain lotsa readers will get that from this and be able to see the thought processes that the community as a whole might go through (then again, "the community as a whole" is a ridiculous concept, with all the countries that play, and MODO to consider, but I digress). Good stuff Steve.

I like to request an article on card advantage! 
I like to request an article on card advantage! 

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