Concurrent past-present campaigns, has anyone done that?

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I have an idea, and would like some comments or advice about it.

My current campaign is using ideas from the Abyssal Plague event ,  while based on heavily changed published adventures.

Next year, several resources are coming out, which im most interested in integrating:

Encounters S8 - The Elder Elemental Eye (February):  "This new series for D&D Encounters will feature a more investigatory adventure plotline, delving into the lore of the dread Tharizdun! While Mike Mearls said that it won’t quite be to the level of a Call of Cthulhu game, it’s definitely different than previous Encounters seasons."

The Temple of Elemental Evil: "Another project in the works is a prequel to Gygax’s The Temple of Elemental Evil. In this series of epic-tier adventures, the heroes fight the legendary Battle of Emredy Meadows, storm the temple at the height of its power, and try to slaughter or imprison the demonic forces lurking in the dungeon below. For the first time in the history of Dungeons & Dragons, heroes get to fight the forces of Elemental Evil head-on. We’re also planning to include options that allow characters from other worlds and timelines to be drawn into the conflict, giving DMs every reason to include this epic struggle in their home campaigns."

My problem is that my group is somewhat recent and is currently at lv4 and finishing "Reavers of Harkenwold" (from the DM Kit), thus not in a place to play either adventure; also, im unsure i want to play the Abyssal Plague plot all the way past Heroic Tier, but it would be a shame to pass on those adventures.

A solution i came up with (heavily influenced by this article about the PAX adventure "Siege of Gardmore Abbey") is for the characters in the current campaign to encounter an old adventurer who knows a lot about the current events and its origins, as he (and his party) were part of it (basically they would have run through them); however, instead of just narrating the events, i would have the players make a new party and run through those same events, as if they were playing the old adventurers party: they would play an heroic tier adventure (the Encounters season), then skip ahead to a Paragon adventure, and, moving again in time, end with the prequel of the Temple of Elemental Evil as the final, Epic tier adventure (all the while it all being supposedly narrated to the current party in the "present" by the former adventurer), basicaly an all new, short campaign set in the past, spanning all three tiers (in episodic fashion).

There are a few problems i foresee:

- first, i kinda hate having the current campaign going on hiatus for a possibly long time period; a solution for this that i can see is having the adventurer tell the story in chunks (possibly divided by tiers), between which the current campaign resumes; this approach can also theoretically allow for a few links between "past" and "present", having events on the "campaign of the past" influence the setting of the present. However, it is still a prolonged break in the campaign (several sessions worth of); any idea on how to further minimize this?

- secondly, having two parties that they go back and forth from can make the players detached from the PCs (and from the campaign story itself); regarding the party from the "campaign of the past", where this problem can be more of an issue, having the players go through all three tiers in a short amount of (real) time, seems to me that will work to keep them engaged, particularly if that idea is told upfront (easy to do, since its supposedly a story being told); am i wrong?

- third, not knowing the adventures (as they havent come out yet), they may need heavy changes to adapt them to this idea, but that is a smaller problem, and nothing new.

What do you all thing about this? Is something you yourself be interested in playing in (or have played in before)? Any pitfalls i may not be aware of?