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I am trying to decide whether to play a rogue thief or a ranger/archer in my next Lair Assault game. I have the rogue all set up but need advice for my ranger.

I need 3 magic items: 1 level 9; 1 level 8; and 1 level 7. I can have only 1 rare. I also have 2600 to spend.

I don't know very much about the equipment and need some help with what to choose.

Lair Assault is tricky and success depends on so many things that this choice, without any context (what other people are playing, etc.), is really hard to make.

I haven't played the latest Lair Assault yet, but based on the map in the preview, I'm inclined to think that a ranged character might find the confines a little tight.  Based on the glory awards, I'm inclined to think that a character capable of killing sleeping pirates would also be a good idea, so I'd lean towards Thief (not Rogue) and hope someone plays a Warlord.

I played the current Lair Assault once: "Talon of Umberlee". There is a place on the ship in the second encounter--the crows nest which is above the reach of the Kraken. Of course there's a problem getting there but when you do, you can shoot safely and "all" you have to do is hit every shot and make lots of them.

In the first lair assault encounter for ToU, you can hang back in one of the rooms and shoot from there after, of course, you clear out that room. But even then, you can shoot into that room from one of the lifeboats you are on because there are holes in the walls of the wrecked pirate ship you're assaulting.

I think a rogue could do well because he/she can help a lot with openng and getting the treasure from the 4 teasure chests but a ranger migh be able to help defeat the kraken later on--I think.

Anyway, if someone has some ideas on what equipment might work well, I'd welcome some advice.
My DM said that the booklet specifically states that the kraken can reach the crows nest...I do not think that tactic will work.
When I played it last week our DM said the Kraken couldn't reach the crow's nest. I guess he was being nice to us.
Quick Weapon.  give you an extra RBA for more killin'.  Boltshard Crossbow, for blast 3 RBAs attack and more killin'.  something to help you kill stuff faster.  or something.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

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