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Hello!  I have only just found out that there is an active forum watch for threads that might be in the wrong forums; several threads that I was following in 4e General Discussion got moved to RPG discussion (which is a forum I have literally never gone to before in all my years on this site).  I had no idea that this was done, and so I made a snippy remark about threads disappearing (and a totally unwarranted remark at that, purely because I couldn't find 4 threads), which Orc_Ragnar removed; he also explained what happened to the disappearing threads. 

I would love to thank him for this, but I cannot send him private messages; so this is my THANK YOU! For explaining what is happening; and for removing my rather rude comment.

Next I would like to motion that we get a sticky for this forum:

Forum moderators actively move threads, and put them into a more appropriate forum; but there isn't a good way to leave a message to those who used to follow the threads to let them know where they went.  Instead there is

which is where requests to move threads are posted.  So if you can't find a thread, please check this thread, and it will probably say where your thread went!

Hope this helps anyone who was as confused as I was, but for whatever reason didn't want to ask what was going on!
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Ah; I never actually pay attention to any of the other features on this site (although recently I have used the blog feature, and I've sent a few messages every year).  So I didn't know there were alternative methods to keep track of threads.
For the record, I didn't ask for this thread to be moved.
Can I ask that this thread be moved back?  The main point of this thread is to let people who use the most popular D&D forum (general discussion) know that threads can be moved.  I have never heard of 'community business' as a forum either, and I don't think most people who use general discussion are going to look here (which they may not realize exists) in order to find out what is going on.

Edit: I also realize a lot of the moves have to do with the upcoming forum reorganization; but until that is actually implemented, having a stickied note in the most popular forum (which I assume also gets the most posts that should actually be in a different forum) that lets people know why threads sometimes disappear would be useful as a temporary step.
I made a thread that I will ask to be stickied that should help people out with this.  I only worry about the number of sticky threads in that forum already.

Where to Post (or Hey, Who Moved My Thread)?