Lost my character picture, help finding again?

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I base most of my characters around what I consider to be 'cool' artwork.  I spot a picture that I really like and it inspires a character from me.  Some time ago I lost my gallery of roleplaying art, along with the picture I intended to use for an upcoming rogue character, and I'm hoping someone else has spotted it or has a copy.  I'll do my best to describe it below, but I havn't looked at the picture closely in quite some time so some details may be off.

The picture was of a rogue (or similer stealthy character) hanging upsidedown above the head of an unsuspecting guard.  I believe the character was descending from the top of a watchtower or battlement of some kind.  I'm about 75% sure the character was female, and about 80% sure it was a human, elf, or halfelf.

For some reason I thought that the picture was tied to an article about skill challenges, but searches on that have turned up blank so I'm probably making it up.  GIS for lots of combos of rogue, ninja, assasin, elf, human, etc have all failed me.

Help me D&D community, you're my only hope  
I know it. It's the artwork for the Executioner in Heroes of Shadow. Give me a minute to find a link...

ETA: Here it is...

"There's an old saying that all it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing. I've always had a problem with that. If you do nothing to oppose evil, then how are you 'good'? To turn aside and allow evil to flourish is to collaborate with it. You ask for mercy. You claim you have done nothing. That 'nothing' is why you deserve no mercy." - Lorian Karthfaerr, drow paladin of Avandra Robin Laws says I'm a Storyteller:
You're more inclined toward the role playing side of the equation and less interested in numbers or experience points. You're quick to compromise if you can help move the story forward, and get bored when the game slows down for a long planning session. You want to play out a story that moves like it's orchestrated by a skilled novelist or film director. Storyteller 92% Tactician 83% Method Actor 75% Butt-Kicker 67% Power Gamer 67% Specialist 58% Casual Gamer 8%

Woot!  Thank you so much, I was going nuts trying to track that down, exactly the pic I was thinking of.  Laughing