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Lets say my opponent is running a white deck and his only permanent is a Kor Duelist. On my side I have only one permanent also, a Crowd of Cinders. He taps 3 plains, and casts O-Ring. In response, I cast go for the throat on my Crowd of Cinders. Now the only available target for O-Ring is his own Kor Duelist. Can he choose not to pick a target for his O-Ring or must he target his Kor Duelist?

oblivion ring
kor duelist
crowd of cinders

If you responded to the oblivion ring after it was cast, but before it entered the battlefield, then when it enters the battlefield he has to choose a legal target if one is available.  If the kor duelist is the only legal target he will have to choose that and then it will be exiled for the oblivion rings ability.

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No, he has to exile something with the ability.
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