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Some friends at work invited me to play 4e. So after looking at the build section i decided to make a Hexblade, and would appreciate any feedback. Be gentle its my first time &)
2 Shadow blend
6 Fey switch
9 Winters clutch
10 Spined devils boon
12 Cloak of freezing wind
15 Whispers of the void
16 Amaan's continuance
19 Darklands eclipse
20 Blizzard

Arcane Prodigy
Silvery glow
Two-weapon fighting
Improved defenses
White lotus riposte
lasting frost
arcane reach
white lotus master riposte
light blade expertise
two weapon defense
Nimble blade
Two-weapon flurry

I was wondering if this build would work, was curious if cloak of freezing wind worked with spined devils boon, and lastly if white lotus master riposte could be used with cloak of freezing
Sorry, guess i should have started with, hes a Halfling Fey Hexblade.
First of all, post a regular character builder formatted build, it's much easier. Second, you can edit your posts so there's no need to post minutes apart like you did.

As for the build, once there's a regular build up, I'm sure someone will be more than happy to PEACH it and help you out.
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Thanks for the replies, sorry mines so late. Work stuff. Im using my friends character builder for the moment so i dont have access to that right now. Looking back on my post i guess i should have explained what i was trying to accomplish.
Im playing in a mainly striker group. So far theres an Avenger, rogue (not sure what type), Swordmage probably a wizard and one secondary healing class.
So healing will be a little hard to get. I was thinking that by taking Sorc. multiclass i could use daggers as implemants, and get arcane reach. This way i could let the rogue engage a foe, and attack from 2 squares away. I was looking at the blizzard mages path powers and most let me push or slide the enemy, keeping them away from me. With Freezing cloak, spined devils boon and white lotus master riposte, any time someone hits me they would take damage and/or be pushed 1-6 spaces. Was thinking that pushing them back into allies range, it would open a lot of opportunity attacks if they still wanted to attack me. Blizzard looks pretty fun too, 4d10 +mod knocks them prone, and ongoing 2d6+5 from lasting frost all encounter long. I was trying to keep him mostly ice based, with some escape abilities. But i would like to keep up with damage as well. Is this possible with arcane reach? or should i be aiming for a charging build.
Thanks for the reply erachima, i guess ill try a more fleshed out class until i get the hang of things, maybe a regular warlock or even a monk, cheers.
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