Essence of The Wild and Skeletal Grimace question.

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If I have Skeletal Grimace on Essence of The Wild, will other creatures that come in on my side also have: +1/+1 and "B; regenerate this creature" ?


Only essence of the wild's base characteristics are copied.
Some abilities might be copied, but in the example you cited, no, the copies would not have the buff or activated ability.

An example where abilities would be copied:
You cast Phantasmal Image and copy EotW, your creatures would enter as EotW, but they would also be Illusions and would also have the sacrifice if targeted triggered ability.

Essentially, changes made by copy effects modify the copiable values, but those made by other effects do not.

So if Cryptoplasm copies EotW, your creatures would enter as EotW, but have the Crpytoplasm upkeep triggered ability.

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