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I'm going to be starting a Neverwinter campaign soon. I've always liked the Harpers' dedication to keeping kingdoms small, and that certainly seems to be what's drawn them to Neverwinter. I'm thinking that I might bring the Moonstars in, too. I haven't read Blackstaff Tower, though, so I have a few questions.

Would the Moonstars have members beyond the characters in that novel by 1480?

What would their interest in Neverwinter be? Do the new Moonstars have the same Faerûn-wide interests of the old Moonstars, or do they just care about Waterdeep now? If so, what would the relationship between Renaer and Dagult mean for their view on Neverwinter? Would they want to help Dagult, or stop him? 
the moonstars of old disbanded.

the new group has not taken the name moonstars and at the end of a book you didnt read still have not chosen a name for themselves.

at the moment, I do not think that they would not have the strenght to do anything outside of Waterdeep.

as to answer yout would the group have members by 1480?

canonwise: unknown offical answer from any fr author will likely be NDA

at your table: whatever you wish

thier interest in Neverwinter: restoring it as a beacon of justice in the north.

until the LAdy Blackstaff can get ehr act together, the new group may just keep its interest in Waterdeep, the Master Neverember might have a few members in Neverwinter keeping an eye on those who his old man assosciates with                     
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
I have no canonical knowledge or insight about the new Moonstars or their actions. That will have to come from Steve Schend or Ed, and even if I knew about their plans (if any), I wouldn't say, because I wouldn't want to step on their toes. Of course, it would also be covered under my NDA.

That said, you should definitely use the "new Moonstars" in your game if you like. They didn't evolve out of the Harper organization this time, but they might very well have connections there. I think Renaer's motivation in Neverwinter would be much like that of a harper member: keep a check on Lord Dagult's power in the area. I don't think he wants it to come to open conflict with his father, but if necessary, he will resist Neverember in all things.

Renaer's interest I see as fundamentally based in Waterdeep: he doesn't want the city to overreach itself and trigger a war or leave itself open for enemies. He likely has little interest in ruling Neverwinter himself (how would that be different from his father doing so)? I think he'd take an active role in supporting adventurers intent on frustrating Dagult's effort to bring Neverwinter under his thumb.


Is the Many Starred Cloak still around, or were they all wiped out in the explosion of Mt Hotenow?  I don't recall seeing anything about them so I'd suppose they are no more...
@crzyhawk: See page 157.

their tower is there.... but the manystarred cloaks are gone.... or are they......

Helm.... the supsense  
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
That answered that question!  I've been avoiding that half of the book in case my DM decides to use it.  So hard to resist the temptation though...
actually.... it doesn't answer it.  read that section and you'll see or maybe you wont.

the cloaks they wear are still inside the tower...  

a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
I did read it.  Regardless of what happened to the occupants, the guild is presently not /known/ to be active in Neverwinter.  That means...whatever it means, or a DM wants it to mean until canon says otherwise.
In LFR, there is a organisation PCs can join that is known as 'The Heirs of Mirt'. They are associated with Renaer Neverember and are decrcibed as follows:

"The Heirs of Mirt is a society of Waterdhavian adventurers whose members vow to defend Waterdeep against all enemies, to uphold the values of Waterdeep (such as fighting corruption), and to aid the helpless. The society is very new, having been sponsored by Renar Neverember, son of the Open Lord (see Blackstaff Tower, by Steven E. Schend, for more information on Renar)"

(see )

The Heirs could wel be viewed as the new ''Moonstars', but they are no Harpers.
The organisation is not 'canon', it is an organisation created for the campaign.
I included it in my adaptation of Tears of Selune as an organisation that has Lord Neverember's interest (which also affects how other groups look at members).

Pierre 'Gomez' van Rooden,
LFR Director for the Neverwinter Story Area
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