Best school(s) for an evil mage to specalize in?

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As the title asks. What is the most overtly themeatically evil school of magic a mage can specalize in other then necromancy(which is said to suck beyond help)? What, in your opinion, is the most "evil" school of magic other then necromancy and what other school would be worthy to take as a second as far as evil-ness goes. I was leaning towards nethermancy as my primary school(It's ALMOST necromancy, and has the shadow keyword), and probally enchantment as a secondary school but I want to know if any of you have any other ideas for what would be a good primary and secondary school for an evil mastermind type mage(probally with aspirations of world domination.)?
Gah, if you ask me...None.
Pyromancy gives you a power-hungry mage who likes to burn down villages... or maybe that guy who looked at you funny is mysteriously on fire...

Other than that, Illusion sounds thematically appropriate for an evil mage, as he will likely spend his time hiding his sinister intent from others.  How better, then, it is to hide that intent behind phantasms and misdirections! 
Every magic school can be used for evil purposes. It depends on what flavor of evil you're looking for.

Is your mage a sly manipulator, a crazy arsonist, or some other kind of terrible person? Evil is more than just being a jerk.
This depends heavily upon your view of the mage.

Does he prefer to get others to do his dirty work, or does he take care of business himself? In the former case, Enchantment and/or Illusion are legitimate schools, while evocation and or/pyromancy are good for the second. Nethermancy is also a good choice for either. 

If your willing to create an arcanist rather than a mage, a summoner intent upon mastering the abyss and/or nine hells could be fun.
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