the MM mentions that Hags are known to caste curses when angered, but can anyone tell me where I can find some info about Curses mechanics?

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the MM mentions that Hags are known to caste curses when angered, but can anyone tell me where I can find some info about Curses mechanics?
I don't think there is much. It's mostly assumed the DM will fill them in. Easiest way to do so is probably to steal some ideas from other monsters and use a Disease Track, except you don't roll Endurance/Heal to get better, but instead you roll Religion or Insight or such a skill.

Or you could make it a penalty that keeps working until the character figures out a way to reverse (like, say, Cure Disease)

What kind of curse are you looking for? Maybe we can help you a bit.
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The first Unearthed Arcana article on the Insider had curses.  And I think a couple more have come out since, but generally speaking there aren't any real curses in the game.  OP, what you're refering to in the MM is fluff and not everything mentioned in fluff is represented mechanically.  But yeah there are curses out there.  They function the same way diseases do in that you have to make a roll, usually Arcana, at the end of each extended rest to determine what level of the curse you're on that day.  The major difference between curses and diseases is that you can cure yourself of the disease by a skill roll.  All the curses require a special thing to get the curse removed.  Suggestions are given but basically it's said that it's up to the DM to make up a way for the curse to be removed.

I personally enjoy the curses, it adds a fun element.  I made one for my game I did awhile back, but sadly the group didn't encount the monsters that had it so never had a chance to curse anyone.

Oh yeah and Mordenkainen's Emporium book has cursed items.  You could also look at using these.  The Hag could cast the curse, and all the character knows is something was cast on them.  They may not even think the curse worked since nothing immediately happened.  But then you can mechanically have it as the Hag cursed a piece of his equipment, and then when the character triggers the curse he'd find out he was cursed, etc etc.   
The Book of Vile Darkness has the mechanics of curses.  They follow the same mechanics for diseases.

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If you are looking for curse material and don't like the disease track the deck of Despair cards included in the Shadowfell box set would be perfect for curses.
As I understand it, the idea of hags using curses is meant to be a plot device rather than an ability used against PCs: "(NPC) has been horribly cursed by a hag and we need you to break it!"

This is especially true in that the best curses (from a narrative standpoint) tend to be ones that involve some element of poetic justice or 'punishment fits the crime' motif (even if the sense of justice is a twisted one).

Many victims of curses might thus be reluctant to reveal the origins of the curse - especially if it truly did result from some wrong they committed (the hag actually is the injured party), which adds another layer to the curse-as-plot-hook approach.
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