Is modern a boring format?

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Playing for 3 months in modern i got the impression that this one is a boring format,maybe because it's a newone and need to be balanced,but i see that there are few archetype that dominate and the others sux,Zoo and UW control wins and there are little chances to see other types of deck winning something. What do you think? I hope things will change because this format is a great chance for new players who haven't a great old card pool to start legacy or doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars getting in..But it's sad to see that the excessive speed required by the meta block the idea of creating new decks not aggro based

This one isn't a complaint post,i dont wanna recriminate something or cry cause i loose (i doesnt have a deck atm,i play on the Machine WaShing),i only want to now if i'm in error and if so i ask an explanation of what you think about it

Sorry for my really bad eng,hope you'll understand
I know Modern wanted to avoid problems so it went ban crazy right out of the gates, but it seems many of the cards that held appeal in modern got shot down. I wanted to play with Fae, Jace, and all those seeming undesirables. I feel like R&D wanted us all to play Zoo and they continue to do what they can to get us there.

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I think its because the format is new. There are simply too many cards and combos in Modern we haven't seen much yet. Aggro is always the easiest and therefore first to be played. Thats why Zoo is so popular. Combating aggro with control brings U/W to the surface very quickly. Once people get outside the initial box, you will see far more unique builds in
Modern. I run a nasty Grixis control deck that beats zoo and U/W handily. Modern Tempered Steel is really good, as is affinity decks. Cascade will sure make a show once it's up and running, and plenty more shennanigans. It's a very popular format already, have faith! It will get better!


At the moment, there are a few things that are just better than everything else, Punishing Fire engine for example, and WIld Nacatl who invalidates all non-zoo creature decks. If we add them to the ban list, cards like Kird ape and Loam Lion become better, allowing RG and Doran colour beatdown decks. Punihsing fires makes all creatures with 2 or less toughness die too easily making them pointless unless they have an immediate effect like Vendillion Clique or Snapcaster Mage.

Whether we need something to come off the balist as well remains to be seen. The format is better than it was in Phily, that was a pretty poor weekend of magic, I looked back through my notebook for the weekend and there wasn't any life total changes really, just I win this game, or I lose this game. Format is better, but still sick.
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It's starting to look like GSZ did, in fact, need to go. With Zoo being... well, the basis of t1, that one extra tutor would have been monstrous.

What I'd say they need to do is open up some things within the meta by making the threatbase more diverse.

Even if we were just adding, say, Sligh as a very real threat to go with Zoo we'd be set - that is to say if we introduced a deck which thought Zoo looked tasty but which had issues with anything quite as fast as sligh.

I'm not really sure if that's possible, however. Zoo's just got such amazing tech. Still, getting blue it's bustedness back would help a great deal.

So, Ancestral Vision has been bandied about and I think we can all aggree that it'd probably be harmless and solid. It lets control keep up with the gas. If you stall for 4 turns you can generally stall for a while longer with the extra draw.

That being said, what else could come back without warping things? Can we get Bitterblossom back? I'd love to see it, and since Riptide Laboratory isn't in Modern (the way it was when Fae really... om-nomed all over the dredge/affinity meta, if my memory isn't just giving fae more credit than they deserve) and while  fae is still a nasty package, it's main detriment would be the fact that it seems like it'd die to Zoo like all the rest.

Ultimately, I think none of us actually want to see more bannings, unless there's no other way. The current unhealthiness has all the markings of a format shapped by bannings: First they banned all the cards that would have prevented combo from being degenerate, then they banned the combos (which, tbh, might have still been degenerate- we don't have FoW and Wasteland in the format, after all), now Zoo - which previously was a total house but just not fast enough - beating the decks that remain apart. While a banning may be needed, just working your way down the list banning every time someone gets out of hand... well, there's a critical mass there that just turns into runaway format-crafting, where each banning see's a new deck that no one remaining can handle. That's not a format at all, that's a joke. 
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Luckily, we have stop-having-fun guys to remind us that having anything more than 60 cards in your deck is tantamount to being a rapist and anyone considering it should be strung up by their ****.
Honestly, it's looking to shape up that way... Basically if Patrick Chapin cries enough about a specific card, it's going to get banned, no more than a couple of events need to be held either. So you better not play your pet cards, because if they get too good, they too can get the banhammer until we are all playing Grixis Control.
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