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It hasn't escaped my attention that the Artificer, the Arcane Leader from Eberron, doesn't have a lot of support. Even Swordmages and Warlocks have their own unique Epic Destinies, but the Artificer doesn't. So, I decided to do some thinking; what could be a potential epic development of an Artificer - their own personal form of Archmage or Grand Magus? And then this idea hit me... But I'm not entirely sure how to pull it off or even if it's actually a feasible idea, so I came here hoping to get some honest critique.

The basic idea of the Arcane Engineer is that they are an Artificer who has become fascinated with the creative aspects of magic; the way magic can be used to create, transform or be permanently infused into material objects. They are master builders and engineers, achieving permanent works of wonder that use magical energy in the same way their mundane counterparts work with wood or stone. To reference Eberron, an Arcane Engineer is the sort of mage who could conceive of and then build a Warforged Creation Forge, or design and produce Living Spells. Masters of creating through magic, Arcane Engineers are a natural progression for the Self-Forged and Clockwork Engineer paragon paths (one focuses on rebuilding living beings, one focuses on creating new life through magic and science).

My thoughts for its epic destiny features were as follows...

21: Reforged. The Arcane Engineer understands that magic can be used to rebuild and improve anything - and their own body is certainly as valid a subject as any other. Whether they have extensively replaced their bodies with arcane machinery or enchanted materials to be more durable, or simply converted flesh and blood and bone into something more unearthly through raw eldritch energy, the Arcane Engineer is considerably tougher and hardier than a regular being. The Arcane Engineer gains the Living Construct racial trait, and the "Arcane Damage Resistance" racial trait. This gives them Racial Damage Resistance (5 + 1/2 level), but they choose which type of damage to resist at the end of each extended rest from the same table as the Wild Magic Sorcerer. I was also thinking they could perhaps spend an action point to be allowed a free "reroll" on the damage resistance table in the middle of combat.

Other aspects of it, though, escape me. There was the vague thought that they would have an "immortality protocols" feature (you kill them for the first time today, they explode in a deadly surge of elemental energies, then resurrect themselves), and that their Utility power would let them either recharge all expended item powers in the party or allow them to give the effects of one of their own magical items' daily powers to each member in the party, but I'm not sure.

So... can anyone give me a hand, here?
Have a look at the ones this guy came up with for 3.5, maybe that would spur you on a bit? 
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