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I am slowly developing a campaign setting for my next campaign.  I expect to start the campaign in approximately a year, and while most of the tasks for creating this setting I am more than capable of performing, mapping is an exception.

I am the proud owner of Dundjinni which I love to use for dungeon and tactical maps, and the entire suite of Campaign Cartographer 3 tools.  My problem is with the later product.  For whatever reason, I am unable to wrap my head around how Campaign Cartographer works.  I've been trying for years and I am just no good at it.  What I am looking for is a resource to work with me in creating the maps I need for this campaign setting.

I have tried the Cartographer's Guild and they have been less than welcoming due to the large size of my project, and the requirement of using the ProFantasy tools.  I don't expect to be able to get this work done for free, and I would be willing to pay modest amounts per map over time to get the work done.

Does anyone know where I can find such a resource, or is anyone aware of a tool that is easier to understand/use so I can do the work myself?

If anyone knows a Campaign Cartographer cartograhper-for-hire, or is willing to do the work themselves please let me know.

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Have you read the manual all the way through and done the step-by-step exercises?  I think it's necessary to even have a chance.

You might also want to check out the Annuals... they have some walkthroughs that seem pretty helpful.

I just started myself, and it is a lot to toss around, but I'm confident that practice will make perfect.
Ive been using Campaign Cartographer for about 9 or 10 years now and trust me it does get easier. Check the "Tome" - available from the Profantasy website - very useful and i found helped me a lot. 

Also check out the PF forums the folks there are pretty helpful. 

For those of you with kids please check out the D&D Parents Group.

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