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While I was on the road this week, my friends decided to suprise me with a christma tree decorated with dice. While it was cool, I decided to take it one further and make true D&D ornaments. 

Skeleton Ornament  

Being a part time DM I've got a pretty good selection of minatures and scenery peices. For my first ornament I picked my old PC minature. A quick trip to the local hobby store netted me some $2 plastic ornaments that split in half.  (I tried to get clear, but polarized was all they had)
Step 1

I then took some scrap packing foam and trimmed it down to make a flat base to mount the minature on. 
Step 2 

Quick check for fit.
Step 3 

Add a little bit of grass floc from my scenery stuff to hide the foam. 
Step 4

I forgot to get spray snow at the hobby store so I improvised. I used gypsum from a scrap piece of sheet-rock (gypsum board). 
Step 6

While I was at the hobby store I picked up some extra stuff in the holiday diorama section. Found snowmen, evergreen trees, and gingerbread men. 
Step 5

Once i got the scenes built, they were a top heavy and they would flip inside the ball, so I put a bit of kraft glue in the back where it wouldn't be noticed to hold the foam in place.
Step 7

The finished scene before I put the two halves of the ball together.
Step 8 

Finished ornament #2
Minotaur chopping christmas tree.
Ornament 2

I've still got several more to finish. I'll add pictures as I get them done.

Oh, and if anybody knows where to find better balls, let me know. I can find clear but they are all 2" or don't split. 
pretty sweet....nice work!
They have a variety up to 4 inch in size
They have a variety up to 4 inch in size

Ooooh! Thanks for the info. 
Aw man, I actually wish I could make a couple of these!
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