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This is my first cycle creation.  I tried to make them balanced and different.    The idea of "rocket man" is that they can leave the battlefield and enter as they please(well not entirely as they please).  They all get better as you control more creatures.  They are 2 enemy colored creatures with abilities that enable you to exile them at will to bring them back safely during your turn.  Let me know what you think.

First is the R/W one. 

2 :rwm:

When Redman enters the battlefield creatures you control get +2/+0, haste and first strike until end of turn

2:rwm:: exile redman

1 :rwm:: cast Redman from exile without paying its mana cost.  Use this ability only as a sorcery.


I originally wanted him to give first stike and vigilance, but I wanted him to be used in battle too so I gave him haste.


When Blueman enters the battlefield creatures you control gain flying and "when this creature deals combat damage to a player you may have it deal 2 damage to target creature or player" until end of turn

2: exile Blueman

1: cast Blueman from exile without paying its mana cost.  Use this ability only as a sorcery.



Until end of turn, when Greenman or another creature enters the battlefield under your control you may destroy target artifact or enchantment, if you do draw a card.

2:gum:: exile Greenman

1:gum:: cast Greenman from exile without paying its mana cost.  Use this ability only as a sorcery.


This one might be overpowered.  I feel it is the best one at least.


When Blackman enters the battlefield creatures you control have "sac this creature:exile 2 target cards from a graveyard and return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand" until end of turn.

2:bgm::exile Blackman

1:bgm:: cast Blackman from exile without paying its mana cost.  Use this ability only as a sorcery. 


I wasn't quite sure what to do with Blackman.  I wan't this one to be about utility.  The first two are combat based.


Until end of turn when a creature you control attacks prevent all combat damage target creature would deal during its controller's next turn, if you do destroy target non-black creature;it can't be regenerated.

2: exile Whiteman

1: cast Whiteman without paying its manacost.  Use this ability only as a sorcery.


This one was also difficult.  I didn't want to make black to powerful by bring back a creature from you graveyard to the battlefield.  That would outrank Blackman.  I also didn't want something like, "until end of turn when a creature you control attacks, defending player sacrifices a creature". 

 I wanted all of their abilities to get better with more creatures, but I didn't want to get too controlling too fast.  I felt the "use as a sorcery" clause was needed otherwise they would be op. 
Let me know what you think.
The naming convention's pretty weird.  The bigger design problem though is that you're giving them all abilities that are appropriate for a two color Gold card, not a two color Hybrid card.

Compare Boros Recruit to Cerodon Yearling.  White and Red both have first strike creatures, so it's not at all unusual for White to get it without needing any red, or Red to get it without needing any white.  The Recruit is a perfect hybrid, since it can go in a monocolored deck of either color.
 But Red hardly ever gets Vigilance, and White hardly ever gets Haste, so it stands to reason that neither one of them can get a creature with both unless it has help from the other.  Cerodon Yearling is a perfectly good gold card, since both colors contribute to get something that neither could get alone.

 Your white/black creature for instance gets damage prevention (which Black could never get without help) and creature destruction (which White admittedly gets sometimes, but never with the "nonblack" restriction, more often something like "destroy target attacking or blocking creature).  This card only makes sense if both colors are contributing equally, but on a hybrid card you can't guarantee that both colors will be used.  They should almost all cost , and so on.
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You are probably right.  I thought that it would be a neat thing to do.  I thought it would be cool if a mono x deck could utililize it while getting the benefit of another color and one of that color's trait.  

The names are just there to sepparate them.  I'm not very creative when it comes to names.

What do you think about the cards themselves?  Would you play them in limited, standard, or modern?  Do they all have equally good abilities that make them all useful for different situations while all being roughly equal in power level?  This was not a serious project at all.  This was just a thing I felt like doing for fun.
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