P.E.A.C.H. New Character Races from Monster Manuals 1,2,3

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I've made a few character races I want you guys to look at and tell me how you like them. They're from the Monster Manuals and if you have any ideas just post them.

Here's the link:
Edit: Phoelarch's trait: pgoenix heat only target's enemies and 1d4
Edit: Scarecrow's Quick straw lets you shift an additional 1/2/3 squares by tier
Edot: Vine Horror's strangle immobolizes intil grab is end not save ends
Edit: quicling's fey shift lets yoi shift 1/2/3 additional squares by tier
Moved to House Rules & Homebrew per VCL request.
Kudos to you and I was wondering what classes you would recommend for these races
sorry for the late response. love your name. Charles the Great of the Franks?


Barghest-druid (protector, sentinel)
Phoelarch-avenger, ranger
Spriggan-rouge (scoundrel, thief), assassin (regular), monk
Helmed Horror-fighter (knight, weaponmaster), warden
Scarecrow-seeker, monk
Lizardfolk-runepriest, fighter (knight)
Vine Horror-druid (protector, regular), assassin (regular)
Snaketounge-assassin (regular), rouge (thief), vampire, warlock (hexblade)
Quickling-rouge (scoundrel), assassin (regular)

(i like assassins)
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