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So I've been playing with this Hexblade, and trying to emphasise the radiant angle as much as possible, and the incisive dagger is thrown in to optimise ethereal sidestep. But I can't for the life of me decide on an ED. Thoughts? Any other comments on the build would be welcome as well

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
-, level 21
Changeling, Warlock (Hexblade), Student of Caiphon, Destined Scion
Pact: Star Pact
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Light blade)
Arcane Implement Proficiency Option: Arcane Implement Proficiency (Dagger)
Changeling Imposter (+2 to Bluff)
Theme: Student of Evard
STR 12, CON 13, DEX 22, INT 12, WIS 10, CHA 26
STR 10, CON 11, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 8, CHA 18
AC: 35 Fort: 30 Ref: 34 Will: 34
HP: 125 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 31
Acrobatics +21, Bluff +27, Intimidate +23, Stealth +21, Thievery +21
Arcana +11, Athletics +11, Diplomacy +18, Dungeoneering +10, Endurance +11, Heal +10, History +11, Insight +12, Nature +10, Perception +10, Religion +11, Streetwise +18
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Student of Evard Attack: Essence of Death
Changeling Racial Power: Changeling Disguise
Changeling Racial Power: Changeling Trick
Warlock Utility: Dire Fate
Warlock Attack: Resplendent Blade
Warlock Attack: Wield the Warp
Warlock Attack: Gaze into Nothing
Warlock Attack 1: Eldritch Bolt
Warlock Utility 2: Spectral Fade
Warlock Utility 4: Lesser Planar Ally
Warlock Attack 5: Fury of Gibbeth
Warlock Utility 6: Dark One's Own Luck
Warlock Attack 9: Summon Warlock's Ally
Warlock Utility 10: Ethereal Sidestep
Student of Caiphon Attack 11: Trust in the Guide Star
Student of Caiphon Utility 12: Steps on the Purple Stair
Warlock Attack 13: Dark Reach of Xevut
Warlock Attack 15: Touch of the Two Moons
Warlock Utility 16: Warp Space
Warlock Attack 19: Passionate Betrayal
Student of Caiphon Utility 20: Caiphon's Hungry Mercy
White Lotus Evasion
Level 2: White Lotus Riposte
Level 4: Practiced Killer
Level 6: Cursed Shadow
Level 8: Versatile Expertise
Level 10: Superior Reflexes
Level 11: Reserve Maneuver
Level 12: White Lotus Master Riposte
Level 14: Starfire Womb
Level 16: Great Fortitude
Level 18: Arcane Implement Proficiency
Level 20: Silvery Glow
Level 21: Font of Radiance
Starshadow Blade x1
Last Sight Vision
Incisive Dagger Dagger +5 x1
Eladrin Chainmail +5 x1
Cloak of Translocation +4 x1
====== End ======
I'm going to assume you meant to type the 22 into Int as a Star Pact Hexblade?

With that said, Radiant One is a rather nice ED in the same Dragon article as Student of Caiphon.  Fits perfect thematically and rather strong to boot (though I wish it had a stat boost).

+Int fire/radiant damage whenever you have CA, the revive effect is nice, the L30 features gives you an extra full turn 1/day, and the daily utility is god mode

Sage of Ages from Arcane Power is also a nice ED, but isn't very shiny.  It's still very strong for an Int-based character with high Arcana

Edit:  Also I see you have Eladrin chainmail.  That alone will boost Ethereal Sidestep to the 3 needed for Shadow Walk.  Unless you wanted a reeeeeeally big teleport speed, you can safely trade out Incisive for something more offensive (Subtle Dagger for example).  You can also get Superior Implement Training with daggers 
Thanks! And Yeah. THat was supposed to be in Int. Started out at Fey Pact. Oops.
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