Adventure hook

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This long campaign starts with the adventurers traveling. A group in combat from a distance An Albino white dragonborn victorious yells die sister. Slaying another dragonborn. He flees after a quick squirmish with the adventures and his remaining dragonborn guards. His breath attack is frost.
The Dying dragonborn tells you of a prophecy. A unique dragonborn would one day be Born to save or destroy the world. He seeks the eyes of Tiamat. Crystal orbs that will grant him power until he becomes... Stop Him. He has chosen his path.

Spoiler. Below
The white orb was placed at birth to start the prophecy but by who? Each orb will change the dragonborn from white,black,green,blue,Red. Yes it follow the old chromatc pattern It will also grant him his basic breath attack based on each orb he swallows cold, acid, poison,lightning,fire. He will be able to use each per encounter. His dragonborn feats will also Increase based on how you modify him. Breath range, damage die, vision, wings. He becomes more dragon like with each orb. The adventures must stop him before he consumes each eye of Tiamat. If they fail. What will he become. A dragon! A terrible dragon never seen before.