Leprechaun/Wilden mini/tokens?

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Anyone know where I can find one? 

If not a mini then how a good pic to make a token out of.

What are the rest out there using for these?
For the Leprechaun I'm going to look for some token with passble art or use a generic token from the kit.  For the Wilden I'll use my Fiery Dragon tokens of the MM3.

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I'm using a Gnome Trickster or Gnome Rogue miniature for the leprechaun, and I have Nenytar Hunter miniatures for the Wilden.
This is how I am rolling this week—

Leprechaun: Gnome Recruit — Harbinger
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Leprechaun: Talisman 4th edition has a Leprechaun mini in one of it's expansions. Pretty nice quality as well.
Wilden: Not really sure where I'd get one, I just use catfolk...
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