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I seem to have forgotten what the general rules are when creating character higher than lvl 1. I know that somewhere there is a guideline (I cant remember if it's in a book or on the forums)

So that being as it is, what are the general rules. I know about leveling them and I could just go from lvl 1 and go to the level I want with the powers and numbers and stuff, but I am having a really hard time with items. At lvl 1 you are basically stuck with armor, weapon and adventurers kit.

What are the guidelines for how much money you have at any given level? Or what items you can have at a given level? Thanks to anyone who can help me, its driving me nuts not being able to remember this stuff
It's in the DMG, but I'm not sure of the page.  You get an item of your level+1, an item of your level, and an item of your level -1.  Also, you get gold equal to the value of an item of your level -1.

So, for instance, if making an 8th level character, you get items of L9, L8, and L7, and gold equal to the value of a L7 item.  You also can take any mundane adventuring equipment without cost.
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Also, IIRC, that gold can be used to purchase any magic item your DM will allow, but check the DMG and your DM to be sure. 

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That gold is expected to be used up for extra gear, such as additional items, rituals, consumables and the like. Adventurers wouldn't be running around with that much money most of the time.

That said you might want to check with your DM about his exact rules, especially if you are using item rarity. Those rules haven't been updated to work with rarity as far as I know.
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Sweet, thanks guys. I knew I had seen it somewhere. Time to look through the DM guide
DMG page 143.

Edit: Yes, I do read my books way too much.
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one cautionary note: if you're using this for bringing an up-leveled PC into an existing campaign that started from 1, the rules are a little too generous around level 2-3 range. A fresh level 2 walking into a campain that just hit level 2 and has one level worth of bundles (or equivalent) split 5 ways will easily have more gear than any other PC. For those levels I'd recommend dropping the new PC to 1 magic item at level 2, two at level 3, maybe keep starting gold to the base 100gp for level 2-4 PCs.
At higher levels, it's not an issue, and if you don't pare back as I suggest it will probably be fine in the long run. 
Additionally A DM may choose to be more or less generous dependent on style of campaign ... so ask your DM. I sometimes let you start with as high as a level +4 item.
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Additionally A DM may choose to be more or less generous dependent on style of campaign ... so ask your DM. I sometimes let you start with as high as a level +4 item.

Yeah, it's very campaign dependant. >_> I actually ended up losing all my interest in a campaign I was DMing in part because after a TPK the players all came back with fresh characters with full sets of +1 items at level 2, when I had been subtly planning to make all their loot utility/non-combat focused such that they would have a hard time getting enhancement bonuses without eventually crafting. It was supposed to a be a significant flavor point to emphasize the setting.
It wasn't the only reason I stopped, more of it was life interfering and cost of gas, etc. And I probably could/should have headed things off at the pass before people just assumed standard level 1/2/3 items was kosher. 
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