Hexblade Paragon Path: adapting Sorc paths

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I am playing a fey-pact Hexblade in my home game.  The paragon path, with its emphasis on invisibility doesn't suit my character.  I was wondering what the community thought of adapting a Sorcerer Paragon Path for the Hexblade class.  Because the Hexblade and Sorcerer share the same striker-damage mechanic, I think it works.  Because the warlock paths rely so much on cursing, they are actually more difficult to adapt.

Essence Mage (AP) - Adapted
11 Action Point: +4 attack rolls 'til start of next turn
11: +1d6 when you hit with an attack with two damage types
this is where things get interesting.  For at-wills, does Blazing Starfall (sorc a/w 1) count?  Either way, arcane admixture takes care of that.  Since all three hexblade encounter power do more than one damage type, we need to compare usefulness to the originally intended sorcerer.

  • 3 Encounter - dancing lightning (dark blue) & Swirling Stars (dark blue)

  • 7 E - Blazing Bolts (dark blue)

  • 13 E - Primordial Storm (black / dark blue)

  • 17 E - Thunderstroke (black / dark blue)

  • 23 E - rumbling storm bolt (purple) & sun and stars (dark blue)

  • 27 E - chaos infusion (dark blue)

There are acceptable options at every level above 1, so it isn't unfair for the Hexblade to get the bonus on all three encounter powers.

  • 15 Daily - Day and Night (dark blue) & Prismatic Lightning (sky blue)

  • 19 D - radiant wings (black)

  • 25 D - acid typhoon (black) & wrathful vapors (sky blue)

  • 29 D - hellish firestorm

The Hexblade has limited multi-damage options, the sorcerer's are much better, so that's not an advantage for the Hexblade.

16: Increase resistance by 3/4.  Hexblade: Gain resist cold (fey) or resist fire (infernal) 3/4.  It's the same thing.

11 Encounter: range attack with same value to both classes
12 utility: nice defense feature, similar value to both classes
20 daily: close burst 2, better for close-in types like the hexblade, but barely matters.

So my evaluation would be that Essence Mage makes a perfectly good Essence of the Pact Hexblade paragon path.  Please let me know your opinion.