Bludgeon Expertise drawback?

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So i've been playing around with making a hammer and shield dwarf fighter. I noticed alot of fighter powers allow you to push the target one square and then shift into the square the target left and make a secondary attack (thats just one example).

With this power and others like it, it seems to me that Bludgeon Expertise would be something you would not want? Unless I am missing something, the synergy just does not seem very good.

Also on another subject. In "Martial Powers" it says that Battle Ragers Vigor grants you temp HP = to your CON when you were hit by an enemy. Other sources I have read say you gain the HP when you HIT the enemy. Which is it?
Forced Movement is always "up to." You don't need to push them that extra square. If you do, you screwed yourself... but it was your own fault. In situations where it isn't an issue, free square. Also you might find some way to increase the distance of your shifts. Or. Or. Or. Bludgeon Expertise presents an option.

BRV was errata'd for being ridiculously overpowered. It is when you hit.
There is also the defined "cool" of smacking a monster so hard with your hammer he flies 3 squares into a group of your strikers who then unleash hell upon it, or adjusting the position of a monster that has the temerity to try to run an end-around on you and DARE to hit one of the squishies in your care.

If you want to REALLY get absurd with it, go with a spear, and get Polearm Momentum + Battering Shield ASAP, so you are knocking prone with your at-wills (Footwork Lure and Tide of Iron).

Check out Khan_the_Destroyer's Bulldozer for the basic idea (a few updated powers/feats since it was written, but the premise is easily deduced!)

So many PCs, so little time...
With a few other items and feats, you can easily wind up pushing opponents up to 5 or 6 squares.  You don't always want to, but there are plenty of times when there are ledges, pits and damaging zones around where this is extremely useful.  Also, if you attack them at the beginning of your turn, you can always move over to where you pushed them later, or push them out of the way to allow access to their more squishy allies in the back.
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