12/07/2011 Feature Article: "Spring/Summer Schedule Features Barcelona Pro Tour, Thirteen Grand Prix

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This thread is for this week's feature article, which will go live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

At least they listened to the players. Now the GPs will feed into the Pro Tours again, though with only 1 invite instead of 16. Perhaps top 4 being invited would have been better. I was gonna say top 8, but that would make far too many people being invited again, given the increased number of GPs. I think top 4 could have been acceptable, though I don't have any data to back that up...
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I was hoping for a GP Top 3-Invitation. Not only would, with that many GPs and one less ProTour, a Top 8-Invitation generate too many invites and thus never happen, but it will make the 3rd place matter. That way we have another important match and a also podium with bronze, silver and gold. I think that would have been the elegant way to solve it. But oh well...
I appreciate the GP-winner invites as the first step of rectifying the OP mess. Thanks, WotC.
Top4 invites would line up with nationals Top4 invites for Worlds... if they hadn't messed with that too ='(
What are the GP formats?  I hope the Atlanta GP is Limited.  

Sure would be nice if we had a year with two (Solo) Limited-format PTQ seasons, the way we did from, what, 1997-2006.  This 2 Constructed/1 Limited season per year garbage is getting on my nerves.  Especially with Regionals and States (or whatever they're called now) being Constructed, better balance would be appreciated.  Maybe alternate Limited/Constructed seasons one-for-one, which means every other year would feature 2 Limited and 1 Constructed PTQ seasons.  
Also, the last Atlanta GP was Constructed, which is a good reason to make this one Limited.
Hooray! They released the schedule before Boston Red Sox tickets go on sale (probably next week). I usually get one Sox game a year (the online ticketing is arduous to say the least) so I don't want it to conflict with a GP. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thanks to WoTC for restoring a slot to the Pro Tour for Grand Prix performance. Winner only feels insufficient but congrats on this move.
Why Does Canada Only get one GP a year? Come on! we had big turn outs at both events. GP Toronto: 1200, GP Montreal 1065. Wizards: Canada is only growing in Magic popularity - Do not hinder this growth with only one GP! Keep in mind that a GP in lets say Niagara Falls or Toronto is still close enough for a lot of State players to attend. I am really disappointed with only one GP. I hope you announce more GPs and that we see one in the eastern end of Canada.
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