200 pt. CIS squad ;D

A Kick Ass Seppi Squad 

General grievous, droid army commander: 57
Octuparra Droid : 31
Battle droid Officer: 9 
E4 series lab droid: 16
Bodyguard droid: 20
5x Super Battle Droid: 50
Geonsian Overser: 16

11 activation's 

General grievous Deadly commander effect "+4 attack and +4 Def. and Twin Attack to all droid's" wil give the octuparra Droid a deadly attack on 11 whit trippel Attack and Twin attack... And +4 Attack from the BD officer. So 15 atk, 20, Dam with 6 Attacks and 20 in Def :D

And a Lab droid to fix: Grievous, Bodyguard And Octuparr

kepp  the Geonosian over ser close to the super battle drods And the bodyguard; the supper battle droid will then have: 20 HP, 16 DEF, 10 ATK and 20 DAM, with Twin and Doubel ;D

The bodyguard wil have: 60 HP 22 DEF (24 against a jedi) 16 ATK And 20 DAM.  With Twin And Doubel ;D
You might consider an IG-100 MagnaGuard droid instead of a lab droid. And the 20 points used for the bodyguard droid might be better spend on an IG-86 Assassin droid and an Ugnaught Demolitionist. Just an idea...
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