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I am a dedicated player looking for a play by email game. Strictly by email. If anyone has a pbem game going, or know where I can find one let me know. I need something to give me something to do at work, a few times a day, the occasional post type thing. I like good roleplaying and strong combats and I bring pleanty of both.

I've run pbp on Obsidian Portal before, but no longer have the time, so I know the challenges involved in running an online game.
I can only point you to play-by-post. See links in my sig.

What edition are you interest in playing and what time during the day can you usually send player responses?

I am working on a D&D 4th Edition PBEM RPG game right now.  Light role playing and heavy tactical combat.  Either one-shot encounters and adventures or random dungeon crawls.  I have not made my mind up yet.

I am hoping to have it up and running in early February...

Shot me an email if you might be interested:


P.S. - Whoops, just notices that you started this thread in 2011, LOL!!  
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