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I've been playing a Dragonborn Blackguard (love the class), and he's a Student of Evard (it so fits my character...)

The Evard level 10 utility power is called "Dread Blessing" - I can't figure out how to take it for my Dragonborn.  I've tried retraining - and it never shows up.  The compendium doesn't show any requirements...  So why can't I chose this ability?  Any ideas?

You mean with the Character Builder ?

It should appear under your Level 10 Utilities. Make sure you have checked Show All Elements.

But rule-wise you are entitled to it. 

Level 10:
You gain a new paladin utility power of your level or lower.

Optional Powers: Most of the themes include a number of powers that you add to the ones from which you can choose from your class when you reach the appropriate level. For example, if you’re a 6th-level fighter, you can choose a 6th-level fighter utility power or a 6th-level utility power from your theme.

You mean with the Character Builder ?

Sorry yes, in the character creator.  I wasn't sure if it was a bug - something I'm missing (like some rule in dragon 400) - or I was missing a requirement.

I built a level 30 version of my character - and I can't add it to him either.  The only thing I can think of, is because it's an optional rule.  I was able to set it if I used the 'house rules' button, but otherwise I can't 

I was able to set it if I used the 'house rules' button, but otherwise I can't 

There's you're answer: ALWAYS start a new character in the character builder with the "Custom"/"Home Campaign" options. Unless your campaign rules (the DM, or LFR, for example) specify otherwise.
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So, I just created a new character under the 'Create a Forgotten Realms' character button.  Selected the Student of Evard Theme, Leveled it to 11, went to choose a level 10 utility, and clicked the 'Show Additional Options' checkbox.  The Dread Blessing Power was at the top and I was able to select it.  Did you use another rules-set in creating the character?  Did you use the Forge of the Dawn Titan or Beyond the Crysta Cave rules?  Was this character created before the addition of themes to the CB?  If so, you may want to just recreate the character from the ground up in the builder to make sure the data file is all fresh.  If you do, use the D&D Home Campaign Button as others suggested, it's usually the best, unless your GM (or the campaign) is being particularly restrictive.
It was done under the Home Campaign Button (and I did create the character again from scratch), but it never came up (the 2nd level power and such did - just not the two optional powers).  And no additional themes.  I don't remember seeing a 'show additional options' tho...  Trying it now.

EDIT:  I am so blind - it was always under the show additional options - and forever reason I swear I had marked that, and it never showed.  Now it's there...  Sorry guys and thanks 

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