Hello all,

This is the official thread for people to post any ideas they think should be included in the GE:DoSGC.  Anything that may fit the era is needed, though I will have to screen, of course.  All successful contributions will be fully and fairly acknowledged.

Here are some of the things needed.  If I forget something, I will post it later here.

Skill applications

Feats (got a few already, but more is cool)

Talent trees/talents

Anything Force related (powers, talents, etc)

Prestige classes (scientist is covered)

More tech, espec civilian type vehicles

more droids

Remember, SW tech doesnt change that quickly, though some advances are to be expected.  Once again, I'll have to screen.   

Thanks for your help guys, cant wait to see what pops up.         

Here is a Force Power I made. It`s basically Mind Trick, except it works on enteched droids and vehicles.

   Entuned (Mind-Affecting)

You use the Force to alter a enteched droid`s or enteched vehicle`s perception or plant a suggestion into its mind by influencing the enteched piece of equipment`s host via the Force.Time: Standard Action Target: One Intelligence 3 or higher enteched droid or vehicle in line of sight and within 12 squares of you

Make a Use the Force check. If you equal or exceed the target`s Will Defense, you may choose one of the following effects:
 -You create a fleeting hallucination that distracts the target and enables you to use the Stealth skill even 
  if the target is aware of you.
 -You preform a feint so that the next attack you make against the target ignores its Dexterity bonus 
  to Reflex Defense (if any)
 -You fill the target with terror, causing it to flee from you at top speed for 1 minute. The affected 
  enteched droid or vehicle stop fleeing if it`s wounded. The effect is negated if the target`s level  
  is equal to or higher than your character`s level. This is a fear effect.
Normal: Since an enteched droid or vehicle is techniqually not "living", all Force powers with the (mind
              -affecting) descriptor do not work on an enteched droid or vehicle, unless the Force power is 
              "Entuned" or if a specific talent or feat states otherwise.
Special: If you are making a suggestion, you may spend a Force Point to improve the target`s attitude
             by one step, plus one additional step for every 5 points by which your Use the Force check 
            exceeds the target`s Will Defense.

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Hey guys,

Awesome FR.  This goes in.  Well done.

I've also done Unleashed drain energy, unleashed farseeing, unleashed force shield, and unleashed technomacy.  All of these exept U farseeing will go into the EoP CG.  In ep 10 of DoS, I've pretty much written in the stuff for Darth Cypher if the hero FU uses U farseeing, so it'll go in there.

Good work again FR,

Matty out!         

Skill Prowess
You are so reliable at a given skill that beings often wonder at your ability. Choose one skill for which you have the Skill Focus feat. Before you roll a skill check with the corresponding skill, you may choose to roll 2d10 instead of 1d20 for the check. When rolling 2d10, a roll of natural 2 is treated as a natural 1 for the purposes of any feats, talents, or other rules regarding that skill.  You may take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, it applies to a different skill. 
Prerequisites: Skill Focus (given skill) 

Weapon Prowess
Your reliability with your chosen weapon exceeds most of your peers. Choose one weapon group or exotic weapon for which you have the Weapon Focus feat. Before you roll for an attack with a corresponding weapon, you may choose to roll 2d10 instead of 1d20 for the attack. When rolling 2d10, a roll of natural 2 is treated as a natural 1 for the purposes of any feats, talents, or other rules regarding the corresponding weapon's usage. You may take this feat mutliple times. Each time you do, it applies to a different weapon group or exotic weapon.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus, Weapon Proficiency

What do you think of these? They'd result in a roll of natural 11 more often that anything else, which for a competent PC would mean slightly higher success rate. 11+12 skill bonus for a level 1 PC (trained, skill focus, ability mod 2) would result in a roll of 23, considered a Moderate DC for skill challenges. And a level 4 soldier with weapon focus and an ability mod of 2 would be looking at an average of 18 for an attack roll, which is a decently high Reflex defense for a CL 4 character. There's definitely higher DCs and Ref defs, but for mooks and more mundane skill checks you're taking a good deal of randomness out of the equation.
I have yet to playtest these but one of my buddies gave me the idea so I thought, as you're asking for feats, why not?
Also, IMO these feats shouldn't be considered bonus feats for any class. 
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Hey awaypturwpn (what a mouthful : )  )

In escense, its a feat that gives an average bonus of about +2 to rolls.  Sure.  Doesn't seem OP at all.

These two will go in, though they may change slightly after playtesting, as per your sug.  Have you played with these yet?  Perhaps you could playtest a little as well,  before anyone else?     

Ive got a few other 'improved roll' feats which could stack well together with these, though most are skill related.  Att rolls already have enough beef, and potentiallly be op, but I have done one anyway.   ; ) 

Well done, A-man.  Good work.

Anyone else want to rise to the challenge?

Classic template

The Classic template is applicable to those ships and vehicles that were from an earlier era. The Classic template represents the fact that the ships  are rebuilt to take advantage of technological innovations and improvements while resembling their older predecessors and having the same relative performance. Such ships have the same stats but are considered Rare. Those ships that were already Rare cannot have the Classic template applied to them, instead GMs may consider using the Advanced or Prototype templates for them.
Hey all,

MJ, thats pretty cool.  I suppose the specific type of bonuses (if any) would have to be done on a case-by-case scenario, depending on the ship, the era, and the tech at hand.  If you have any base line stats/ideas for numbers, let me know.  Otherwise, I'll have a tinker myself - or we can work's up to you.

Awesome.  Fits in very well.  This goes in.

Well done, MJ.

Anyone else?

Matty out!              
Master Starider, the template is simply a quick and easy way out to have the YT-1300 or other vehicles present in the campaign without having to jump through hoops of making minor changes to stats or whatnot. Make sure the ship isn't originally rare, slap on the Rare quality and you are good to go.

This allows ships from other earlier era presented as brand new instead of being old and/or refurbished. A suggested change for the template could be simply to add a +1 to the cost multiplier. This prevents the situation of having a whole fleet of brand new Vulture droids with the Rare quality.
Hey all,

Cool MJ.  I'll write it up as such.


Hey all,


Here ya go, StevenO.  I await your reply. 

To stick my more reserved view of how things work I simply say DON'T ROCK THE BOAT!  New stuff is nice but when it is just new stuff for the sake of new stuff or to fit someones very specific need in a way that could be done with other things I'm not a fan.  I think I may have a couple things in my list of houserules somewhere on my profile page but I don't go for the drastic changes.

To critique some of the things already seen here:

Skill Prowess:  Instead of having it be "roll 2d10 instead of d20" it should just be an ability to "take 10" even under those stressful conditions that normally makes "take 10" unavailable.  Rolling 2d10 for a skill really just normallizes the skill and reduces the chances of a good or bad roll.  Now the average may actually be a touch higher but in any case you don't need to make a special "rolled 2 counts as rolling 1" rule when it comes to skills.

Weapon Prowess:  Many of the same things hold true here except that the natural 1 and 20 rules come into play.  I know it increases the average attack roll but I'd consider letting it go even if it is somewhat abusable by a character built for a great attack modifier.  I don't know that I'd ever use this for a character as it reduces my chances at a critical 80%.  If you're looking for a rulebreaking feat I'd just say that Weapon Prowess means that a natural 1 is NOT an automatic miss on an attack.

If a GM is looking for "normallized" d20 rolls he should be using 3d6 instead with a 3 counting as a natural 1 and 18 counting as a natural 20 when it comes to effects that look at those things.  There isn't anything magical about using 3d6 in place of a d20 and I would never require a feat to use this with an NPC although I don't know how I'd react if a PC wanted to use it.

I don't get where the Entuned idea comes from because I don't remember seeing enteched anywhere.

When it comes to vehicles and stat I believe in recycling stats whenever possible.

I may forget the era we're talking about here but I've prevously posted a could smaller capital ships that may be interesting to use.  I could look to see if I can find them saved somewhere but the general concepts and working names were as follows:

Bog-class Customs Corvette:  A frigate sized ship equiped with one big gun (an Ion cannon or turbolaser) for a ranged threat, a point defense battery, a tractor beam and gravity well generator (to keep things from escaping if they try to run) along with advanced sensors that allowed an expert crew to "take 20" and make the DC 30 needed to detect a secret compartment.

Shadow Hunter:  This was a CON entry on this site.  In many ways it was a modifier Corellian Gunship that was equiped with a cloaking device and advanced sensors to help see through the fog.

I've also conceptualized a "Liberty Ship" style transport that would masquerade as a normal bulk freighter (and carry a big load to support that) but carry a number of other ships in concealed hangers and utilize concealed weapons.  I know I've put my concealed weapon starship mod on these boards a few times but I don't happen to note all of my contributions.

I know I've thrown out a lot of ideas over the years but don't have a central repository of all of them.
Hello all,

You may not like what I have to say now.  Some of you may think I am crazy, but I don't care. 
For many years I have been in a very dark place.  Everything I have tried to null the pain has not worked, and has even made it worse.  This includes sw and role playing games in general.  Doing this has brought more hardships than happyness to me.  So please heed my words well.

I hearby relinquish my rights to this project.  I wish no more part in the affair.  I have deleted all of my copies of work, and I would ask you to do the same.  I cannot force you to do so, but realise that not to do so is your choice.  If this work is to see completion, I implore you that you remove my name from all instances of this work, and that it never be mentioned again in the work.  Please do not contact me again with anything to do with gaming or sw.  If you wish to send me your best wishes for the future, I will accept them and thank you for the sentiment.  I will not be checking this site again.  I am sorry for wasting your time, and I hope you will eventually forgive me, and see this as the right thing for me to do.

Why?  My only chance for happiness here is to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  I have tried everthing else, and have only been hurt for the effort.  I have given it a lot of thought, and have come to this conclusion.  Not one living human has tried to pursuade me down this course.  This realisation is my own.

Prom and Garrett especially, please look after yourselves, your family, and your friends.  Maybe we can meet again in another life under the right circumstances, and work towards something truly good and wonderful.

Take care, all of you.  Please wish me well, and harbour no ill will against me or my Lord.  All of you will be in my prayres for true happiness and joy.


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