Another new take on the Shaman.

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Basically a version of the shaman I made up while trying to figure out HOW ON EARTH goblins can actually be shamans in World of Warcraft.

Most shamans are meditative souls who try to balance out the elements, to calm them down.  

But what would happen if some fast talking con artist got chosen by an elemental to work out that balance?     The character, let's call him Big Lou for now, starts his story at night trying to keep a small life boat from sinking in a hurricane level storm while lightning falls around him.  He's cursing, and shouting out to any god who might be listening, and thinking like crazy but he can't seem to find a way out.  As a gigantic tidal wave the size of a small mountain crashes down on him he screams "It's not FAIR!  CAN'T WE MAKE A DEAL?!!!!!!?!?!?"

 Wakes up later in the home of a major elemental of water who offers him his life and wealth in exchange for finding a way to break the stalemate between him and an enemy fire elemental.  The reward of endless wealth being conditional on his survival.

So off he goes on a near suicidal mission armed only with his wits and whatever powers he can con other elementals out of on his way.

Sound like fun?